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Sports are designed to break your heart, whether you be an athlete or a fan. Ultimately, players get old, dynasties crumble and teams continue to choke. But if sports break... Read more


The Evolution of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Nation’s Capitol

The smell seemed to stick out most clearly in people’s minds. It was “not unpleasant,” said Ryan McCormick, and “lingered on clothing.” In fact, he kept the T-shirt that he... Read more


Make art, not war

On the side of the building across the street is a sign that reads: “NOW! It is time to come to church and to God.” Across the Street from this... Read more


I call you a foo’ to yo’ face

No, I did not attend “Mr. T. Tells It Like It Is” this past St Patrick’s Day. Instead I was insulted (and rightfully so) by one of four singers of... Read more


The Shiny Bald Guy

This article exists because every year many of us fool ourselves, for just a few weeks, into thinking that the Oscars are something other than a huge joke. Beautiful people... Read more


A Brassy Blonde

Ever since Blondie’s “Rapture” dropped as one of the first recorded rap tracks, rock bands have had valid reason to lay claim to hip-hop. The pollinization has run both ways;... Read more


Portrait of the Artist as a prisoner

A man dives off a dock behind a police station into the wind-whipped Carribean Sea. A grainy, shuddering Castro articulates upon the finer points of revolutionary necessity while his beard... Read more


Yard referendum cancelled for March vote

Supporters of the Yard Student Association have requested a postponement of the Yard Referendum. The supporters plan to pursue the Yard reform next year, said Nate Willems (SFS ‘01), co-chair... Read more


AIDS activist addresses students

Last night, Dr. Aloku, Secretary of the International African AIDS Network said that in order for the AIDS movement to move significantly forward, it was necessary for activists to “think... Read more


Napster blocks list of songs

Representatives of Napster, the free online music-sharing provider announced this week that it would begin blocking users from downloading copy-written songs currently available on the service. This announcement comes after... Read more


Robberies in Burleith continue

On March 5, during spring break , a female Georgetown student was the victim of a robbery at approximately 9:15 p.m. Metropolitan Police Department and Department of Public Safety officers... Read more


Constitutional Council fails to reach consensus

Members of the Constitutional Review Committee were unable to reach a consensus on a revised constitution for student government by the March 15 deadline. The CRC recommended that the Georgetown... Read more


O’Donovan discusses plans for final months

At a meeting Tuesday, University president Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J. said he plans to continue work on the University’s partnership with MedStar Health and the Third Century Campaign before he... Read more


GUSA seeks Academy apology

The Georgetown University Student Association passed a resolution Wednesday night calling on members of The Georgetown Academy to issue a full apology for what the association deemed “insulting, slanderous and... Read more


Fun Facts about the hole

Board members at The Georgetown Voice have been suggesting that we cover “the construction site” for some time. But due to the popularity of the basketball team, we have had... Read more


Weezer alive and kicking

Ah, Weezer … no Weezer review would be complete without referring to “geek rock.” And Weezer arguably defines “geek rock.” But geeks weren’t the only ones who showed up at... Read more


Not just your “everyday” band

From the outset you know that Dave Matthews Band is up to something different. The album cover is nouveau and glossy, with Dave himself fronting, well, his band. You play... Read more


Death in the Jungle?

Rock journalists are the morticians and coroners of the music world. Just as quickly as they invent new genres, they pronounce others dead. Witness: “techno,” “trip-hop,” “ambient” and “ska-punk”??all popular... Read more


Dressing it up

This month marks the end of McCall’s magazine. The magazine geared towards middle-aged suburban women will reemerge as Rosie, and the editor-in-chief is none other than TV’s Rosie O’Donnell.


One Act, One Theme

More often than not, the most important and insightful things college students have to say involve relationships, be it with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or lovers. So it’s not surprising that... Read more


Don’t leave school without it?

If the Senior Class Gift Committee is to be believed, the legacy of the roughly 1,550 members of the class of 2001 is not the dedication they’ve shown to their academics or extracurricular activities but the amount of cold hard cash they are able to plunk down for a few extra trees and shrubs to adorn a building they may never see.


Sweet home Alabama, er, Virginia

“Fairfax is a nice place, I suppose. Convenient to get to work from, it’s got some nice restaurants and a good school system. But no one is really from there.... Read more


How I spent my spring vacation

The first thing you notice about Cuba is the color. Thick green leaves shade pink colonial buildings, which stand out against a clear blue sky. Old red Chevrolets motor past... Read more


Playground Policy

The last few weeks have brought news of yet another rash of school shootings. However, the question still remains for the American public and our policymakers: What steps can we take as a nation to ensure that we are not confronted with stories of children killing children on the front page? Unfortunately, President Bush and his Education Secretary, Rod Paige, seem content to punt this issue away.


I talks good

I dreaded every Friday of the second grade. That was the day that the school speech therapist came and pulled me out of class. Even at eight years old, I... Read more