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Shuggie gets the last word

The story could be the centerpiece of any independently-minded musician’s propaganda program, really. Label misunderstands brilliant artist, leaving his masterpiece to languish in obscurity. Decades later, the record is finally... Read more


A necessity

Self interest can be a powerful motivating factor. In Congress, representatives add provisions to bills to help their home districts or their home states. Discussions between unions and management often... Read more


GUTV news goes on-line

The Daily Dose, Georgetown University Television’s news program, will now be available on-line. According to Zana Barakat (MSB ‘02), the General Manager for GUTV, going on-line is an important step... Read more


Hoya-Thon Raises $5,000

Thirty-three students danced to raise money in the first Georgetown Hoya-Thon this weekend. Shining Hsu (SFS ‘01), the Corporate Sponsorship Chair of the Hoya-Thon steering committee, said that Hoya-Thon raised... Read more


O’Donovan speaks on life at GU

Last Thursday, University President Leo O’Donovan, S.J., spoke on his life at Georgetown, from his undergraduate days to his tenure as president. The speech was the concluding address of the... Read more


GUSA approves student funding

The Georgetown University Student Association approved the student activities budget Tuesday. The budget was proposed by the GUSA funding board Monday. The funding board allocated the $150,000 of expected revenue... Read more


After years, Club Union called

The Georgetown University Student Association convened the Club Union Wednesday. The Club Union, a group comprised of all campus club leaders, was called to address student concerns. GUSA President Tawan... Read more


GUSA President reviews progress made this year

On April 2 Georgetown University Student Association President Tawan Davis (CAS ‘01) will inaugurate next year’s GUSA President and Vice-President. In a speech Tuesday, Davis addressed the GUSA assembly in... Read more


Drinking Stats released from fall survey

The results of the Fall 2000 Campus Alcohol Survey indicate that Georgetown students are just below the national average for undergradute alcohol consumption. The purpose of the survey was to... Read more


Unidentified assailants egg GU students

This past Friday night, a group of approximately nine white males harassed Georgetown students based on their ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. A number of students had eggs thrown at... Read more


The Sports Sermon

As Talib Kweli says, we’re about to “carry on like et cetera.” First things first: Final 4. Not too exciting, at least not as cool as last year. Maryland finally... Read more


The Answer

The last time I wrote about Allen Iverson and his friends, the Sixers were still the early season surprise. Now, they’re the late season question: Are they really the beasts... Read more



I’ve been waiting to write a column about Bob Knight for a long time. Until very recently, I thought I might never have the chance. I didn’t think any respectable... Read more


Ode to a fallen team Hoya

Sing in me, O’ Muse, of fallen tournament warriors Speak now on the fabled lore of our tested and noble Hoya ballers In this new century, there was a new... Read more


Hoyas’ postseason run ends in Anaheim

The men’s basketball team finished its season with a 76-66 loss to Maryland in the West region semifinals, last Thursday night. The Hoyas controlled the first 15 minutes of the... Read more


Isn’t it time?

This spring’s was the third semester that I wasn’t able to register for Professor Emmett-Mattox’s course on “Class, Race & Gender.” Not surprisingly, this story seems to be more common... Read more


What makes G-PIG tick?

Michael Lavoie (CAS ‘03) and John Mulaney (CAS ‘04) enter the scene. Lavoie grabs a chair and Mulaney follows his lead. No one has said anything yet; each looks to... Read more


Unluck of the Irish

Georgetown students place a lot of pressure on one another to enjoy a year studying abroad with more passion than a great lover, with more joy than a first-born child... Read more


Walken around

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that there are really only two things in this world that make me uncomfortable. And when I say “uncomfortable,” I mean it in the... Read more


How the hell did I get this old?

My name is Donald. I am not 40 years old. I am not balding. I am not stuck in a job that I hate. I do not look at my... Read more


General Hospital

A long festering problem in the District seems to finally be coming to a head, and the health of many of our city’s poorest residents is at stake. D.C. General... Read more


Speech gives lesson in Georgetown’s history

Rev. Brian McDermott, the rector of Georgetown’s Jesuit Community, and Dr. R. Emmett Curran spoke Monday on Georgetown University’s Jesuit history. The speech was part of Jesuit Heritage Week. Dr.... Read more


Students and faculty discuss performing arts

Georgetown students, faculty and alumni met in Bulldog Alley Tuesday to discuss the future of performing arts at Georgetown. The discussion centered around the developing arts program, in particular the... Read more


Speaker urges end of electoral college

John Feerick, dean and professor of law at Fordham University School of Law, advocated the abolishment of the electoral college at a speech Monday night. “The electoral college is an... Read more


Donations to benefit student activities

Alumni will receive a solicitation later this week asking for donations for student activities. The solicitation will allow alumni who have graduated in the past 10 years to donate money... Read more