Caitlin Mannering

Caitlin studied Biology of Global Health and minored in English in the College. She is a former washed-up Leisure editor. It's unfortunate that her biology major will in no way relate to her dream job of working on Game of Thrones.

Halftime Leisure

Halftime Reviews: Not to Disappear by Daughter

Daughter’s second full-length album, Not To Disappear, takes a sharp turn from lead singer Elena Tonra’s somber musings about broken relationships heard in the band’s first album, If You Leave.... Read more


Critical Voices: A Head Full of Dreams, Coldplay, Parlophone

If you were worried that Coldplay’s newest album would resemble the somber, surprisingly dark Ghost Stories released in 2014, fear not. A Head Full of Dreams is a complete turnaround... Read more


Pretty and Pure: Brooklyn’s Talented Cast Triumphs With Subtle Charms

Beautifully crafted, with stunning scenes on the Irish coast and in historic New York, director John Crowley’s Brooklyn is a pleasure to watch.  A period drama set in the 1950s,... Read more


Nomadic Sheds Light on the Netherworld in Production of Afterlife: A Ghost Story

Afterlife: A Ghost Story, the story of a couple reeling after the loss of their young son, is an intensely emotional journey that demands to be felt. From the moment... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Homeland Season Five, An Irregular Start

The fifth season of Homeland picks up two years after the gritty, action-packed last episodes of  season four.  After the horrors she went through in Islamabad, Carrie Mathison finds herself... Read more


Everest Takes Viewers on Heart-Pounding Climb

Why does man want to climb to impossible heights? In one of the first scenes of the movie Everest, Rob Hall,played by Jason Clarke, tells his clients how the human... Read more