Cam Smith

Cam is the Voice's website editor and a senior in the college. He eats too much food, listens to too many podcasts, and complains just the right amount.


What’s in store for the Utah Jazz?

On July 4th, a flurry of confusing reports culminated in Utah Jazz star Gordon Hayward announcing his decision to join the Boston Celtics. The move deeply undercut Utah, as they... Read more

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A Look at the New NBA Rule Changes

The NBA is taking steps this year to improve the quality of regular season games. Over the course of the summer, a myriad of changes have been approved, including modifications... Read more

Halftime Sports

Athletes and Presidents

In the United States, sports and politics go way back. Larry O’Brien, NBA commissioner from 1975-1984 and namesake of the NBA Championship trophy, ran John F. Kennedy’s 1960 presidential campaign.... Read more