Damian Garcia

Damian Garcia is a junior in the college studying government and history and is a contributing editor and former assistant news editor for the Voice. He enjoys playing board games and spending way too much time writing bios.


Campus Faith Groups Celebrate Inter-Faith Week

Several different faith and religious groups on campus celebrated Inter-Faith Week from Oct. 15 to Oct. 21, in the first major collaboration of its kind at Georgetown. The celebration involved... Read more


Constitution Day Celebration at Georgetown Highlights Immigrants

Students and university officials honored Constitution Day with an event titled “It’s Our Constitution Too,” Constitution Day is a federal celebration of the Constitution’s ratification and those who have become... Read more


GUSA Announces New Saturday GUTS Bus Service

GUSA and the Office of Transportation Management are beginning a new schedule of Saturday GUTS bus service, as part of the GUSA executives’ commitment to easier transportation for students to... Read more