Dan Newman


So long, summer reruns

Following last year’s underwhelming crop of freshman TV series, nearly every network is looking to rebound in the ratings. A number of new and returning shows will be fighting to... Read more


Bottoms Up: Drunken Summers

Most of my drinking at Georgetown occurs during the winter; for now, let’s disregard the fact that my twenty-first birthday was this past March. As winter transitions to spring, however,... Read more


Finding closure

Contrary to what Tom Petty may have said, ending is actually the hardest part. The past few weeks have seen quite a few shows bid adieu to audiences—some in their... Read more


The gossip boy

During my time watching television, one person or another has mocked nearly every show I watch. Grey’s Anatomy is too soapy, The Wire is too boring, Lost is too twisted,... Read more



Over winter break, I was watching the second season of 30 Rock when my father came into the living room. He was flabbergasted that I was watching a show that... Read more


Black Friday

As television ratings for the four major networks slip further and further into the boob tube abyss, certain things about the TV industry have been operating differently than in the... Read more


Good die young

A few years ago, I began to realize that following television was very different from being a fan of most other mediums. There is no chance that when you go... Read more


Hi-fi sci-fi

Last week, the sixth season of 24 made its long-awaited debut after being off the  air for over 18 months. Much of the talk surrounding the show’s return centered on... Read more


Turn me on…

As the end of the year approaches, the internet will be inundated with “best of” lists for everything from books to inventions. Simply look at this week’s feature story in... Read more


Does your beard hang low?

There's one question that I regularly encounter in Morocco with my newly-grown beard. "Are you Muslim?" the vendors ask in Arabic. I've come to realize that in Muslim countries, a beard carries a specific meaning, or at least something other than, "I'm too lazy to shave."