Emilia Brahm

Under the Covers: Cyber goes post-modern


It’s 3:00 a.m. You’re in desperate need of some Chunky Monkey to finish your essay and a latte while you’re at it, but you can’t bring yourself to get up. (Plus, nothing is open at this hour but CVS.) Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door, and an angel wearing a “Kozmo” logo hands you the aforementioned treats. Is this heaven, the far future, the cutting edge of technology, perhaps?

Marxist manic pixie girls


It’s hard to imagine a Healy Lawn devoid of Vineyard Vines and Sperrys. But even Georgetown had an edgier age when The Who and The Grateful Dead were typical lineups at our spring concert. Beyond the gates, anti-establishment America flourished, and Jonathan Lethem’s new novel Dissident Gardens pulls you by the hand through a maze of iconic rebellious decades.

Under the Covers: Capitol kiss and tell


As the industrial skyline of my beloved hometown, Milwaukee, Wisc., faded from view, I felt ready. The three-hour flight to Reagan passed quickly. I pretended to read until I could see the first twists of the Potomac out the window. Then came the gothic spires of Georgetown, the townhouses, the government buildings, and as the plane tilted—there it was, the Washington Monument, its polished surface proudly proclaiming a successful democracy with liberty and justice for all.

Under the Covers: Americanah, a dream deferred


If you didn’t read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie this summer, you have no excuses—classes don’t start until Wednesday. Now is the perfect time to read Adichie’s novel, a story of cross-continental love, hair-braiding, and race in America. Aug. 28 in particular is an especially apt time to pick the book up because this Wednesday is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Under the Covers: A chat with Josip Novakovich


Josip Novakovich is a writer of short stories, essays, and novels, with many published to popular acclaim. He was recently shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize for “literary excellence… in a writer’s entire body of work.” Born in Yugoslavia in 1956, Novakovich grew up in Daruvar, in what is now central Croatia.

Under the Covers: Sandberg leans in, falls short


“The blunt truth is that men still run the world.” Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead asserts that gender inequality in the workplace is rampant. Sandberg’s book calls on you, women and men of Georgetown, to lean in—“be ambitious in any pursuit”—to combat this phenomenon.

Under the Covers: Laura makes the sun shine


I was having one of those days. It was nauseatingly bright all morning and dreary when the afternoon covered the sky with clouds. No one was saying the right thing, and to the friend that asked if I was “sick or tired or something”: yeah, don’t even say that when I’m in a good mood. On the way back from class, prepared to hide from the world in a shuttered room with only Netflix for company, I got the unfailingly splendid email from the RHO announcing a package.

Under the Covers: Caution: Anti-Fragile


Georgetown student: congratulations, you are on the right track! On your way to being Mr. Secretary of State, Ms. President, Mr. Non-Profit Manager, (or more likely) Mr. Consultant. You’re absolutely right—that summer internship you snagged will endear you to the right people to land a slightly above-entry-level job after graduation, so in 10 years, your salary will be high enough to pay off your law school debt and fund a social life in your off hours.

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