Nico Dodd


Bill Ward explains the Things That Fools Do

Most seniors will spend their final year taking classes they’ve put off since they were freshmen, and then either applying to graduate school or frantically begging for employment. So Bill Ward (COL ’11), who already has a job lined up at Morgan Stanley, is liable to make his classmates pretty envious.


Fall Fashion: Breaking the Fall

This year, to up the ante for our annual Fall Fashion issue, we returned to the simplicity of the early ‘90s with modern touches and more attitude. ou won’t find many logos on the clothes. It’s not about being conspicuous; it’s about being comfortable and confident. You don’t need to look glam to look great.


Encyclopedia Prep-tannica

When Lisa Birnbach’s The Official Preppy Handbook came out in 1980, its audience was the yuppies who had just graduated from college. But while TOPH parodied the lives of preppy college and boarding school students, Birnbach’s True Prep is geared towards those who’ve grown up, weathered a divorce or two, and still wear their collars high.


Critical Voices: The Walkmen, Lisbon

The Walkmen are proof that past failures do not prohibit future successes. But the thing is, you can never predict whether the band’s next album will be an instant classic or an ignored flop. After two lackluster albums, A Hundred Miles Off and Pussy Cats Starring The Walkmen, the band turned around and released 2008’s killer You & Me.


The nerd herd swarms for indie comics

This Saturday is the start of the Small Press Expo, one of the largest exhibitions devoted to independent comics and graphic novels on the East Coast. Jeff Alexander, the expo’s executive director, gave us an insider’s tour of his own personal Fortress of Solitude.


How Gandhi got her groove back

The music on Rhythm & Culture’s new compilation, The Sound of Rhythm and Culture, would be hard to locate in a big box record store like Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Would you look under Electronic or World?


Critical Voices: The Sword, Warp Riders

Since their 2003 debut, Age of Winters, The Sword has gained a reputation as the loudest band in Austin, Texas, and with its new sci-fi concept album Warp Riders the band reminds its fans why it earned that reputation.


Lez’hur Ledger: Get those kids off my lawn

Getting out of bed on a weekday is always hard for me, but this Sunday it was almost impossible. I was hung-over, sure, but with The Roots, John Legend, and Sting playing for the Climate Rally on the National Mall, I found my inner strength. Plus, it was free.


Critical Voices: MGMT, Congratulations

From its scratch-off lowbrow album art to its panned leak of “Flash Delirium,” critics and bloggers were eager to make scant predications about MGMT’s follow-up to 2008’s smash hit Oracular Spectacular.


TAB The Band proves Hoyas can rock too

Amerie, Rites of Spring lead singer Guy Picciotto, and those two dudes from Vertical Horizon: the number of notable music artists that have recently come out of Georgetown can be counted on one hand.