Rachel Calvert


Quake surprises response team

An unprecedented 5.8 Magnitude earthquake hit the D.C. area and much of the east coast on Tuesday, sending Georgetown’s emergency responders into crisis mode. Following the thirty second long quake, the University’s Emergency Response Team rushed to evacuate students from on-campus facilities.


lez’hur ledger: SlutWalk 2011

Lafayette Square has never seen so much skin. As I wandered into this designated meeting place to march in the SlutWalk, I was relieved to note my outfit—we’ll call it a costume—fell in the mid-range of concertedly slutty ensembles. That put it just above the leopard-print-bra-and-stiletto combo and slightly below the same combo overlaid with a mesh dress borrowed from the Village People.


Possible Republican candidates are praying for victory

The religious right is back on the Road to Victory. Early in the 2012 election season, socially conservative members of the GOP are attempting to rally their conservative Christian constituents, tapping into a formidable grassroots mechanism rooted in evangelical communities. The Tea Party, meanwhile, is making moves to secure the allegiance of the institutions that shape the religious right and its electoral potency.


Crime summit urges theft vigilance

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, InterHall and the Southwest Quad Community Council hosted a crime prevention summit with the Department of Public Safety to raise student awareness about crime prevention.


Working group proposes sexual assault conduct changes

A subcommittee of the University’s Sexual Assault Working Group recently drafted a proposal to change the student code of conduct’s language pertaining to sexual assault in order to clarify the definition of sexual assault.


1789 Initiative on track to hit $500 million by 2016

On the heels of an endowment growth campaign that topped $114 million in fiscal year 2010, fundraising for the 1789 Imperative has maintained momentum and is on track to achieve its goals of raising $500 million in scholarship funds by 2016.


The doctor is out: Saying farewell to Porterfield

On Friday afternoons, Dan Porterfield’s office in Healy Hall becomes an informal salon where students stop by to discuss classwork, mull over career concerns, or simply to partake of the ice cream that constantly fills his freezer. The tradition spans years, an emblem of the welcoming, receptive persona Porterfield’s colleagues and students consistently describe.


News Hit: DMT suspects to plead guilty Fri.

John Perrone and Charles Smith are expected to plead guilty in D.C. District Court this Friday to charges related to the DMT lab found in Smith’s Harbin doorm room last semester, according to filed court documents.


Power outage forces students into snow

In the midst of the largest snow storm of the school year, hundreds of students in East Campus have been displaced as a result of a power outage.


Athletes’ priority limits gender studies course options

The University’s policy of priority registration for athletes places strain on the Women and Gender Studies program, according to professors and students in the department whose classes are often filled by student-athletes during preregistration.