TRYing to Connect With My Dad

I’ve grown up with rugby. My dad started playing in chiropractic school—yes, I’ve realized the irony. Then he played for our local club team even after he had surpassed the upper age limit of the Old Boys’ squad. My childhood is peppered with memories of cheering him on from the sidelines, and as a teenager,...

Champions League Reactions: Round of 16 Second Leg – Part 1

We’ve lost four teams and will lose another four in a week’s time, so now I get to tell you where managers went wrong and who made mistakes. And yes, my intros are getting lazier as I get closer to graduating. So what? Also, disregard any score predictions I make. It’s more to give a...

MLB Offseason Recap and Season Preview

Going into the offseason, rumors about where free agents Bryce Harper and Manny Machado were going to land varied in location as well as contract length and value. In the end, both Harper and Machado did not sign until well into February 2019. The offseason was one of extremes as far as individual teams. Some...

Champions League Reactions: Round of 16 First Leg – Part 2

Hopefully, you all enjoyed Part 1, and you’re back for another round of “analysis” from your favorite random college senior. Shout out to everyone who’s made it to this eighth installment of “Champions League Reactions,” because we’re halfway there! Anyway, the games. Olympique Lyonnais 0-0 FC Barcelona In case you weren’t aware, Marc-André ter Stegen...

The Great Ice Hockey Time Zones World Cup: Russia

*If you already read Parts I, II, III, IV,  V and VI of this article, skip down to where it says “UTCs +3 and +4.” Sports are generally fun. Reality is generally not as fun. Sports in the context of reality are fluctuating levels of fun and not as fun. Since I do not consider myself a masochist, I...

Champions League Reactions: Round of 16 First Leg – Part 1

I’ll explain “Part 1” first. Of the knockout rounds, the Round of 16 is the only one that gets split over four weeks instead of the normal two. Last year, I did the entire Round of 16 in two installments, one for each leg, and I remember writing the second week’s games and knowing that...

Halftime Sports

MLB Cracks Down on Collisions

MLB Cracks Down on Collisions


Hearing that Major League Baseball’s general managers had unanimously agreed that the league should move toward banning collisions at home plate struck an uneven chord in my mind earlier this week. There has been much talk about a new rule like this in Major League Baseball for quite a while now, especially ever since Buster…

Olympic USA Men’s Hockey Team Rundown

Olympic USA Men’s Hockey Team Rundown


In just a few short weeks, the 2014 Winter Olympics will begin in Sochi, Russia.  There will be curling and Jamaican bobsledders and a less tomato-ey Shawn White, but mostly this marks the return of Olympic hockey.  Last time around in Vancouver, Team USA made it to the gold-medal game on the back of goaltender…

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