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Hoping for Obama in ’08


America is not as divided as the pundits would have us believe. Our perceived disagreement stems from a tendency to miss the forest for the trees. We get too bogged down in the minutiae of policy, and in the process we overlook the fact that regardless of ideology, we all yearn for a stronger and safer country that aspires to fulfill its fundamental ideals.

The Elegance of Winter


It’s amazing how the winter can pick me apart, piece by piece. First the actual dream, then the hope, then the reason for hope, then the possibility for hope. It all gets better in the spring; the sunshine makes me grow again, makes me real again, out of the hollow shadow the cold turns me…

The Bush Administration changes course


President Bush’s poor planning and lack of intelligent responses to many issues have spawned anti-Bush blocs in America and around the world. From gay-marriage to Guantánamo, his neo-con positions have drawn criticism from personalities as varied as Tim Kaine and Tim McGraw. But recently, Bush seems to have realized that he does not have to do everything wrong. The administration has careened backwards for six years, but it has accomplished enough in the last year to prove that a turnaround, though it may have come too late in this case, is not impossible. Between election coverage and the press’ prejudice against the administration, most of these accomplishments have been overlooked.

UN needs effective adaptation policy


As representatives from over 180 countries, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations and the media fly to Bali, Indonesia for the thirteenth United Nations Climate Change Conference, they prepare for two weeks of what has been perceived as “make-or-break” negotiations on the future of international climate change policy.

Audio Tape


Teddy slips some whisky into his bottle of Coca-Cola. It’s the Coca-Cola generation, as Godard once said, and he takes a swig. He’s in line at a bookstore. It’s another commercial bookstore that looks exactly the same, like a snowflake—different, but still snow. He takes another swig. There’s this old couple standing behind him, and…

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