, and Untitled leisure project: award season predictions w/ Hunter Harris

In this episode, Claire Goldberg, Dajour Evans, and Danielle Guida are joined by special guest, Vulture writer Hunter Harris to discuss the close of this year in culture and the upcoming awards season.

, and Untitled Leisure Project: Fissue Edition

In this episode, Devon O’Dwyer, Claire Goldberg, and Panna Gattyan talk about Panna’s role as a designer for the Fashion Issue and their favorite pop culture fashion icons. TV and movies we reference in the podcast:      (from left to right): Sabrina The Teenage Witch, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Sex and...

and The Reel Pulpit: Oscars Predictions and Picks

In this episode of The Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro, Dajour Evans, and Eman Rahman convene once again, discussing the Academy Awards. They dive into their choices and predictions for the hotly contested Oscars, and then discuss a favorite category of theirs. Credits to bensound.com for the theme music.

and Reel Pulpit: Best of 2017

In this episode of the Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro is joined by his new cohost, Halftime Leisure Assistant Dajour Evans, and Halftime Leisure Assistant Eman Rahman, to discuss their favorite movies from 2017, and what to expect in 2018. Image Credits: IMDb

and The Reel Pulpit: Hot Takes on The Last Jedi

On the latest episode of The Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro and Mike Bergin discuss the latest installment in the epic Star Wars franchise, in theaters today, Dec. 15. Check out Graham’s full review here.

, , and Reel Pulpit: Stranger Things Episode!

In this episode of The Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro, Alex Boyd, Mica Bernhard, and Dajour Evans serve some well-aged hot takes on the second season of Stranger Things, available now on Netflix.

The Untitled Leisure Project

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