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Breathtaking in its brutality, Civil War shocks the American conscience

A visual and sonic marvel, Civil War forces American audiences to grapple with the horror of modern warfare brought to U.S. shores.

Halftime Leisure

Cassandro unmasks the world of lucha libre

Although Cassandro's approach prevents it from reaching its full potential, the film redeems itself as a visually appealing underdog story

Halftime Leisure

A Case for the Classics: The Exorcist

By maintaining a tight narrative scope and crafting a bone-chilling atmosphere free of trite gimmicks, The Exorcist is something spectacular.


All In: The Fight for Democracy makes its message clear—Young people, vote

In the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race, former Georgia House of Representatives member Stacey Abrams could have become the first Black female governor in American history. While the election ended in... Read more


Jason Katz on Being Authentic and World Building in Coco

For over 20 years, Pixar has been creating widely beloved masterpieces of animation, inviting audiences into dazzling worlds to tell heartwarming stories of friendship and love. Coco, the newest film... Read more