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Childhood movie-watching: A cultural expectation that should be gone with the wind

But this standard, American way of bonding can be inherently exclusionary in nature. Those who didn’t grow up watching movies certainly wouldn’t have a vast library of films to reference, which comes at the danger of being labeled “uncultured.” Yet, this apparent unculturedness only manifests when viewed through a traditional American lens—perhaps failing to adhere to American cultural expectations doesn’t suggest a lack of culture, but a different one altogether.


WNBA star and Georgetown legend Sugar Rodgers comes home to the Hilltop

Hoya Sugar Rodgers brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to her new role as assistant coach of the women’s basketball team. 


Popping the Georgetown Bubble

"My classmates would walk around with thousand-dollar winter coats, wear designer bags, and avoid Leo’s at their every convenience. Meanwhile, I added three jobs to my plate and was juggling more than I could handle. Going from classes in Walsh to shifts in Reynolds (a hike), I often found it near impossible to ever leave the Bubble or even to discover any clubs I was passionate about."