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One With Eternity brings Kusama’s polka-dotted vision of “self-obliteration” to the Hirshhorn

Kusama imposes a dissolution of the self upon the experiencer through her multidimensional works, as one feels like they are being absorbed and incorporated into the art.

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National Air and Space Museum reopens with a focus on telling untold stories

On Friday, Oct. 14, bustling crowds once again filled the National Air and Space Museum as it reopened to the public. 


Smithsonian museums struggle to keep national treasure above water

As a warming climate is projected to increase extreme weather events, museums face new collection conservation and sustainability challenges. 

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HONM: Weekend Reflections from a Rabbi

“When I am needed, I am needed. I pray that we learn to become more selfless in a place of selfies.” Rene, her husband Shane, and their three children came... Read more

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The Pop Art Conundrum

I have always associated Pop Art with the critique of our consumer culture. Using bright colors and an impersonal, flat form to draw the audience in, the artists of this... Read more