Weekly List: Late Nights

Weekly List: Late Nights


It’s finals week, which means it’s time for a totally expected playlist theme, because Voice writers have just as much studying as the rest of you all. Here’s some musical motivation for watching the sun go down (and come back up) from the window seat of Lau 5, or wherever else you happen to be suffering this finals season.

1. Tijuana Panthers: “Creature”

We’re gonna start off with some fast punk to get your blood flowing and head banging while trying to figure out how the aggregate demand curve in the Economic Fluctuations Model is impacted by a shift in inflation. This is a song about being a night person, so get inspired.

2. Coconut Records: “Nighttiming”

Now for fast funk. The steady drum beat helps keep it flowing while the sick guitar and string section keeps you interested. While you’re not nighttiming in the “going out dancing sense” you can either pretend you are or look forward to when it’s past midnight and you’re on the dance floor and not in perpetual agony!!

3. Arcade Fire: “Here Comes The Night Time”

A chiller vibe, this is a great song to do some last-minute reading to. If you haven’t listened to all six and a half minutes of it, now’s the time. As a cautionary tale, though, it has been known to put people to sleep (see: me, napping in a cubical), but it amps up toward the end and then quickly goes back to the catchy piano line, so hopefully that’ll wake you right back up.

4. GoldLink: “Late Night”

Yeah this song might be about hitting up your booty call at 2 a.m. but it can also be about being up late to study!! Who said you can’t do both!

5. Vinyl Thief: “Middle of the Night”

We all have different definitions of “middle of the night”: For some, it’s 11 p.m., for others, its the ass-crack of dawn. Whatever time that is for you, this song is for that delusional feeling you get when you’ve been awake for too long to be personally functional.

6. A Tribe Called Quest: “Midnight”

This is the right amount of funk for midnight. I’d highly recommend listening to this right when you hear the Healy clock go off. It’ll put you in the right mood to power through the rest of your work (and let you jam out for a few minutes in the meantime).

7. The Frights: “Afraid of the Dark”

You’re walking back from Lau and it’s pitch black and you’ve got your earbuds in and you’re running back to Henle because even though you figuratively want to die you’re realistically terrified of walking alone (or is that just me?)

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Claire Goldberg is the Voice's ~content manager~ and is a government major in the College. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.

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