Claire Goldberg

is the Voice's former editoral board chair and halftime leisure editor. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.


Campaign With Compassion

Sometimes politics feels like a hellhole. Whether it’s in the Twittersphere, on CNN or C-SPAN, or even just in everyday conversations, it can feel like an inescapable purgatory. This should... Read more

Halftime Leisure

A Definitive Ranking of Every Georgetown Pizza Place

All I want is a decent slice of pizza within walking distance of campus. However, since Georgetown is anything but a college town, that feat proves incredibly difficult for the... Read more


SFS Grad Nielsen Resigns as Secretary of Homeland Security

Kirstjen Nielsen (SFS ’94) resigned from her position as Secretary of Homeland Security on Sunday, April 7, effective Wednesday. She was confirmed to the position on Dec. 6, 2017 after... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Corridor is Georgetown’s Coziest Coffee Shop

Take the shop’s name literally: Corridor Coffee fits in a tiny converted townhouse on Wisconsin Avenue, with a claustrophobia-inducing walkway on the side for patrons to sneak back to the... Read more


Touchstone Gallery Exhibits Highlight the Duality of the Natural World

On one side of the white wall sits a giant, glossy, black-and-white photograph of sand dunes, while on the other, a coterie of small, vibrantly-colored photos of rock formations and... Read more


Terrence Johnson Talks Theology, Teaching, and Tradition

A giant painting sits on the floor of Professor Terrence Johnson’s office, among the hundreds of books lining the shelves, the African sculptures on the side table and desk, and... Read more


The Voice Predicts the 2019 Oscars

Best Picture by Angela Wu Who Will Win: Green Book Who Should Win: Black Panther It’s no secret that the Academy Awards voters are largely, to put it bluntly, old... Read more


She Runs the World: Professor Jamil Scott

In this episode, Claire Goldberg and Emily Jaster sit down with professor Jamil Scott to discuss her academic journey and minorities in politics.

Halftime Leisure

The Best Covers of Recent Memory

Hozier – “Say My Name” (Destiny’s Child) I heard this song and immediately ascended into another dimension. Hozier turned a Destiny’s Child bop for the ages into a smooth jazz... Read more

Halftime Leisure

There Were Dozens of Great Films in 2018, and Awards Shows Could Never Do Them Justice

There are a few good things about awards shows: looking at all the beautiful outfits and laughing at some of the bits. Otherwise, they’re terrible. The Golden Globes were Sunday,... Read more