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A Definitive Ranking of Every Georgetown Pizza Place

April 19, 2019

All I want is a decent slice of pizza within walking distance of campus. However, since Georgetown is anything but a college town, that feat proves incredibly difficult for the average Hoya. That being said, there are tons of pizza options in Georgetown, and while the majority of them are sadly disappointing excuses for pizza, there are a fair few that come through when you’re craving some ‘za.  


  1. 90 Second Pizza: One of the newest pizza additions to the Georgetown neighborhood, 90 Second Pizza is by far the best for a few reasons. One, there is always a person standing at the door with free samples. Always. Two, it is excellent pizza. The ratio of crust to sauce to cheese is unbeatable, and the personal size makes it easy to fill up on a whole pizza for roughly $10.
  2. Pizzeria Paradiso: If Paradiso weren’t so expensive I swear on my life I would eat there every damn day. The potato pizza is like a carb-overloaded dream. Their four cheese pizza could kill a man. Their regular margarita is downright delightful. And a pro-tip: All small pizzas are $12 during happy hour, which is 5-7 p.m., Monday through Thursday at their Georgetown location.
  3. Curry & Pie: Frankly, I’d be on the fence about their actual pizza quality if not for how good the Indian fusion makes it. The Curry Pie, which has bits of chicken tikka atop a cheese pizza with curry sauce, is delicious and ambitious. Pizza fusion has the potential to go horribly wrong. However, the South Asian flavors pair perfectly with Curry & Pie’s simple and straightforward (read: not New York-quality, but edible) pizzas.
  4. Paisano’s: I’ve only had Paisano’s at Georgetown events, but it is relatively good quality for being takeout pizza. I’d say it’s two steps above Papa John’s (which, thank God, does not exist anywhere near me because Papa John’s is atrocious AND racist), but two steps below any pizza I would classify as great. I will always eat it when it is provided to me for free, but would never actually order it/pay for it myself.
  5. District Pizza: I have not had District Pizza but I have gone to the Subway which it cohabitates a space on M Street with, so I’d imagine it is Subway sandwich-quality pizza, which is not great but can be eaten if absolutely necessary.
  6. Pizza Movers: I have only been here once. It was on a date freshman year that went poorly. The pizza was fine, and probably tasted better in hindsight because someone else (a man) paid for it. They also have a sign outside claiming they are the only place that serves Jumbo Slice pizza in Georgetown, which is intriguing.
  7. &pizza: Hate to break it to you folks, but &pizza ain’t good. I know so many people who swear by it, but the crust is simultaneously too bland and too sweet, and they try way too hard with their topping options. One time I went and ordered a Caesar Salad pizza, but they informed me after I’d already ordered it that they didn’t have lettuce, so it was just croutons and parmesan and maybe some arugula (which is the shittiest type of green). Does this one bad incident represent the entirety of &pizza? No. Does it still haunt me to this day? Absolutely.
  8. Manny & Olga’s: Manny & Olga’s, who—full disclosure—used to advertise with the Voice, sucks. It is bad pizza and that’s that. Furthermore, one time I was craving a cannoli sophomore year, so I went there and ordered a cannoli. What I received was NOT a cannoli. First of all, it looked like it had been in their fridge since ‘Nam, and it was sitting in some sort of questionable liquid, making it super soggy, and it was disgusting, and it was also six bucks. I also realize that I am ranking pizza, not cannolis, so for the record their pizza is just not that good.
  9. Ledo’s: It’s NOT FUCKING PIZZA. It’s a square piece of crust that tastes like cardboard with some shitty cheese and sauce on top. It is a colossal disappointment, and if it’s offered as free food for a Georgetown event (which it often is), I will not eat it, because, as previously stated, it is not fucking pizza.

Claire Goldberg
is the Voice's former editoral board chair and halftime leisure editor. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.

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No Il Canale rating?


Fair point sir. I’ve only had their pizza once and I don’t remember how it was so let’s call it forgettable.


It’s the best in Georgetown.