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Quiz: What Obscure Trader Joe’s Hummus Flavor Are You?

When you arrived on the Hilltop for the Fall 2019 semester, you may have realized that the Holy Land had picked itself up and moved to Glover Park, in the... Read more


Changes to meal plans set for fall semester

Changes have been made to meal plans available to students that are set to begin in the fall. The major differences include a decrease in meal exchanges per week, the... Read more

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A Definitive Ranking of Every Georgetown Pizza Place

All I want is a decent slice of pizza within walking distance of campus. However, since Georgetown is anything but a college town, that feat proves incredibly difficult for the... Read more

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Corridor is Georgetown’s Coziest Coffee Shop

Take the shop’s name literally: Corridor Coffee fits in a tiny converted townhouse on Wisconsin Avenue, with a claustrophobia-inducing walkway on the side for patrons to sneak back to the... Read more

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Dining in DC: The Best Restaurants on Caviar

My roommate and I recently made a life-changing discovery: We tried Caviar. Nope, we did not discover the fish roe delicacy, but rather a new food-delivering platform. Similar to Postmates... Read more

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Fox loves Taco, and I do too.

I thought the perfect chai latte didn’t exist. I thought I’d be searching my entire life for the right balance of sweet and spicy, for a not-too-hot concoction, for something... Read more


Best of Los Angeles

Best Eats Mariscos Guillen La Playita (Santa Monica): The best tacos anywhere, ever. I promise. Nick’s Deli (Seal Beach): A hole in a hole in the wall, Nick’s claims to... Read more

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National Geographic: "Food: Our Global Kitchen"

Sitting down at a table in Leo’s with friends, I never talk about where my food comes from. Usually the conversation involves the bad feeling Leo’s food leaves in our... Read more

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Five Guys vs. Thunder Burger & Bar: Burger Week

Here we have a true set of opposites—the sloppily satisfying casual dining of Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) and the noveau-hip “serious” patty craft of Thunder Burger (& Bar). One... Read more

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The Quest for the perfect burger: Burger Week

There comes a point in a person’s life when the desire to be a healthy, civil, and productive human being gives way to something much greater. When the fabric of... Read more

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Noelia Italian Kitchen is Unimpressive, but Enjoyable

Dreaming of comfortable, yet upscale Italian comfort food in downtown DC, owners Kaiser and Michael Gill opened Noelia Italian Kitchen in mid-July. The food, while not as dreamy, elicits that... Read more

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An Awesome Evening of Friends &pizza

How far are you willing to journey for good pizza? Amazing pizza? Out of this world fantastic pizza? A delegation of Halftime/Voice staffers and friends decided they were willing to... Read more