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DC News

The federal eviction ban is over. Here’s what that means for D.C. residents

Millions of people are at risk of losing shelter after the Supreme Court halted the Biden administration’s nationwide eviction ban on Aug. 26, over a month before its scheduled end... Read more


When Black veterans defended D.C. from a white supremacist siege

World War I had ended only months before D.C.’s Black veterans found themselves returning to the front lines—only this time to defend their homes against a domestic white supremacist invasion.... Read more


D.C. statehood is closer than ever. The Senate will decide its fate.

Passing along party lines, legislation to admit D.C. as the nation’s 51st state was approved by the House of Representatives on April 22.

Halftime Leisure

The Weekly List: Six Haunting Hours With Chunky The Panda

You’re driving along with your group of buddies down a country road. The sun will be setting soon, and everyone is tuckered out from an exhaustive bout of road trip... Read more


2020 Cultural Climate Survey shows racial disparities in feelings of belonging at Georgetown 

Newly released results of Georgetown’s 2020 Cultural Climate Survey showed large racial disparities in reported student experience.


Georgetown Law professor terminated after “reprehensible” racist remarks 

Adjunct professor Sandra Sellers was terminated on March 11 after a video of her making disparaging remarks about Black students.


D.C. preps budget after ending 2020 with an unexpected surplus

Bowser surveyed D.C. residents about their priorities for the city’s budget, marking the first step in D.C.’s budget process.


GUSA Senate passes resolution demanding COVID-19 guideline reforms

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution calling for the university to make its COVID-19 community guidelines more consolidated and transparent.


A violent pro-Trump mob attacks U.S. Capitol; Mayor places D.C. into curfew 

An extremist mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters violently breached the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.


Immortals Fenyx Rising satisfies, but occasionally misses its mark

Romping through Ubisoft’s gorgeous fantasy world and contending with ancient Greece’s most formidable mythical beasts is an enjoyable experience to try out in the post-holiday lull. I just wish I... Read more