Quiz: What Obscure Trader Joe’s Hummus Flavor Are You?

November 27, 2019

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When you arrived on the Hilltop for the Fall 2019 semester, you may have realized that the Holy Land had picked itself up and moved to Glover Park, in the form of a Trader Joe’s. Especially if you irresponsibly avoid Leo’s at all costs, you may find yourself looking for an excuse to make the pilgrimage to TJ’s once (or twice … self-care guys!) a week, just to wander the aisles admiring the prices and plethora of options. Something is always in my earth-friendly TJ’s canvas tote when I leave, because something always ends up in there—hummus. TJ’s idyllic, diverse, and extensive selection of hummus is something to marvel at, and here—right now—you have the chance to find out which one of these delightful chickpea potions encompasses the subtle nuances and unique qualities that make up YOU. One thing before we start, the best thing about this is that no matter your result, you will end up a snack ;). I’m so sorry. Ok let’s go…

Katie Woodhouse
Katie Woodhouse is a junior in the college studying psychology, chemistry, and music. Her great loves are cooking, baking, and her fish Edward Cullen. Her very realistic life goals include becoming a low key reality TV star and spending her winnings on a petite cafe/wine bar in the outskirts of Paris. Come to her with thoughts on food, the Midwest, British television, and prospective donations towards the aforementioned ventures.

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