Devon O'Dwyer

Devon studied Government in the College, is the Voice's former assistant podcast editor, and a former leisure editor. She spends a lot of time making playlists.


Carrying On: Navigating the Maze of Georgetown’s Mental Healthcare System

I don’t know how to describe what depression and anxiety feel like. Comedian Sarah Silverman once described it as, “I’m desperately homesick, but I’m home.” Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton... Read more


Untitled Leisure Project: Fissue Edition

In this episode, Devon O’Dwyer, Claire Goldberg, and Panna Gattyan talk about Panna’s role as a designer for the Fashion Issue and their favorite pop culture fashion icons. TV and... Read more

Taste Test

Taste Test: Trader Joe’s

In this episode of Taste Test, Devon O’Dwyer, Claire Goldberg, Caitlin Mannering, and Amy Guay taste and rank an assortment of Trader Joe’s fall items.


Hanging by a Finger: Free Solo Boldly Tackles Fate, Death, and Fear

In the opening shot of Free Solo, we hear Alex Honnold before we see him. As the camera ominously pans over the top of El Capitan, the 3,000 foot rock... Read more


Concert Preview: Ben Howard, Oct. 11, The Anthem

English singer-songwriter Ben Howard will make a stop in D.C., continuing his Noonday Dream Tour at The Anthem on Oct. 11. Howard started his career modestly by self-releasing acoustic folk... Read more


Crazy Rich Asians: Ritz, Romance, and Representation

There is a scene in Crazy Rich Asians—the highly anticipated film directed by John Chu—where several branches of the Young family tree sit around a table performing a classic Chinese... Read more


The Beat That Goes and Goes: The Sound of D.C.

At most go-go shows, when the music starts, it doesn’t stop for hours. The ten musicians onstage have instruments ranging from keyboards to cowbells, conga drums, and roto toms. A... Read more


Meet the New Gals

Tatiana Thompson Tatiana Thompson will join the Hoyas as a forward hailing from Winter Haven, Fla. At Winter Haven High School, she was a captain and four-year starter who averaged... Read more


Asli Acar: Realizing A Fashion Vision

Asli Acar (COL ’18) tries to wear a piece from her clothing line, Bassigue, every day. On the day of our interview, she chose a plain white T-shirt with the... Read more


The Voice‘s Summer Reading List

Ariel Levy’s The Rules Do Not Apply In 2012, Ariel Levy, a New Yorker staff writer since 2008 and author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, had it all: a wife, a successful... Read more