Elizabeth Pankova

is a senior in the College studying sociology and the executive Opinion editor for the Voice. Send your best existentialist memes her way.


Ethics Labs, Ivory Towers, and the Philosophy of Change

A single glance at the Georgetown University Ethics Lab is enough to know it does academic philosophy differently. Their pamphlets, the website, the lab itself all show intentional, consistent branding—sleek,... Read more


Politics Over Prose?

Washington’s geographical center is saturated with Greek revival columns that tower over thousands of scurrying suits. Plaques, giant obelisks, and statues remind passersby that decisions of great political weight are... Read more


Voice Staffers’ Favorite Summer Reads

The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison I read The Bluest Eye in the eleventh grade, and it had a sense of realness that books hadn’t yet held for me. It wasn’t... Read more


Carrying On: Nostalgia, Inc.

A few weeks ago, I came across some ’80s Russian pop-rock songs and was instantly transported back to my childhood. These were the songs that my parents played in the... Read more

The Voice Podcast Network

Stripped: Season 3, Episode 2

In this episode of Stripped, co-hosts Emma Francois and Isabel Lord are joined by Voices editor Lizz Pankova and Halftime Sports editor Santul Nerkar to discuss Nike’s newest partnership with... Read more


Empty Houses and the Stories Inside: Evicted Confronts an American Tragedy

A home is a source of safety, success, and livelihood, and yet so many Americans must consistently live without one. Evicted tells their story. Based on sociologist Matthew Desmond’s book... Read more

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices: Lizz Pankova on Existentialism, Absurdism and the Eric Andre Show

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Voices Editor Sienna Brancato talks with Assistant Voices Editor Lizz Pankova about her column, “On the Brain.” In her latest article, Lizz writes about the Eric... Read more


Absurdism on the Brain

If you haven’t watched “The Eric Andre Show,” I don’t recommend starting now. Unless, of course, your definition of a quality talk show includes poop, random violence, uncomfortable guests, non-sequiturs,... Read more

Digital Issue

Fresh Voices: Behind the Scenes with Campus Poets

In this episode of Fresh Voices, the Voices team talks with spoken word poets Egan Barnitt, Timmy Sutton, and Summer Durant. The three guests discuss the inspiration behind their work and their experiences with slams... Read more


Politics and LSD On the Brain

As another mass murder of school children strikes the country, the fire of a familiar debate is reignited. Both sides accuse each other of apathy and disrespect for the victims... Read more