Elizabeth Pankova

is a senior in the College studying sociology and the executive Opinion editor for the Voice. Send your best existentialist memes her way.

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices: Ava Rosato on Humor and Self-Depreciation

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Assistant Voices Editor Lizz Pankova and Ava Rosato discuss her piece in the Feb. 16, 2018 issue, What’s in a Diss?. In it, they discuss Ava’s... Read more


Roses and Chocolate on the Brain

Valentine’s Day festivities remind me of the (fairly accurate) cliché of the typical Georgetown club—desirable and enticing but exclusive, cliquey, and restricted to a select few lucky individuals. The look... Read more


Memes on the Brain

In a place where your 2300 SAT score and your 3.99 GPA do very little to distinguish you from your fellow Hoyas, no skill is more valuable than creativity. And... Read more


“No, I Don’t Know Putin”

When I was in the fifth grade, Jake, the boy who sat in front of me in math class, turned around randomly and asked me, “Do you know Putin?” Without... Read more


Fresh Voices Episode 1: “No, I Don’t Know Putin”

In the first episode of the Voice’s opinion podcast series, Lizz Pankova discusses her Russian identity in America with Sienna Brancato and Julia Pinney. Lizz builds from her piece in... Read more


Suited for the Arts: Finding space for Georgetown’s creative communities

When Ariel Chu (COL ’18), one of the 12 studio art majors in this year’s graduating class, was deciding where to go to college, she had narrowed it down to... Read more


Board of Directors Announces Continued Avoidance of Investment in Private Prisons

Georgetown’s Board of Directors announced that it will continue to avoid direct investment in private prisons via an online press release. This investment decision is in accordance with the university’s... Read more


International Students Criticize Career Fair

International students have expressed disappointment with the Sep 15 career fair. The fair, sponsored by the Cawley Career Education Center, featured 104 employers, but according to the Career Fair website,... Read more


The Voice‘s Summer Reading List

Ariel Levy’s The Rules Do Not Apply In 2012, Ariel Levy, a New Yorker staff writer since 2008 and author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, had it all: a wife, a successful... Read more


Fight Pain With Laughter: Comedy as a Vehicle for Tough Dialogue

On the night of Saturday, Nov. 19, the line to enter DAR Constitution Hall stretched around the corner. It was comprised primarily of sophisticated middle-aged D.C. residents donning fur trimmed... Read more