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Harvard Professor Discusses First-Generation Experience at Elite Colleges

Harvard professor Tony Jack visited campus on Nov. 21 to discuss the challenges first-generation low-income college students face and how administrators can ensure they thrive. The event, co-sponsored by the... Read more


Georgetown alum dies in climbing accident

Georgetown alum, Michelle Xue (MSB ’19) and her climbing partner Jennifer Shedden died from injuries sustained climbing an icy canyon on Red Slate Mountain in California on the weekend of... Read more


Fresh Voices: Sara Collina on Raising a Non-Binary Child

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Professor Sara Collina about pronouns and mothering outside the gender binary.


“It’s Bringing An American Home”: Seven Years Later, Austin Tice is Still Missing

Debra Tice thanked God for bringing the room full of volunteers together, and asked Him to bring everyone strength, wisdom, and discernment as they moved about the Capitol. Her husband,... Read more


“A collective power that is impossible to destroy”: Summer of Dreams Trains Next Generation of Organizers

Planning a protest is a lot like planning a quinceñera, Sheridan Lagunas, the Field Communications Manager at United We Dream, told the students seated around him. It’s all about the... Read more


Fresh Voices: Arisaid Gonzalez Porras on Being Undocumented

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Arisaid about her undocumented status and her decision to be open about it.


Eight Years, No Cheat Days

Lunch was inevitable. In the few months I’ve been rock climbing, I’ve learned to recognize the predictable rhythms of angling my foot just so, willing energy into my shoulders to... Read more


Fresh Voices: Caroline Healey on Losing Her Mom

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Caroline about her mom’s death and how the way she misses her has changed.


Fresh Voices: Kayla Hewitt on Pride

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Kayla about corporate pride, straight people going to Pride, and the diversity of the queer community.


Fresh Voices: Logan Arkema on Demisexuality

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Logan about the split model of romance and sexuality, asexuality’s place in the LGBTQIA+ community, and dating while demisexual.