Ava Rosato

Fashion Issue 2018

The Curated Unconscious: A Contradiction in Thrift

Modern hipsters enter a thrift store looking to repurpose grandma’s Christmas sweater from ’73 into a high-fashion statement of individualism and irony.But every friend of said hipster is also a... Read more


Hard Truths or Soft People?

I remember being very confused as a child listening to Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust.” My underdeveloped brain could not fathom why anyone would find dust appetizing. I contemplated... Read more

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices: Ava Rosato on Humor and Self-Depreciation

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Assistant Voices Editor Lizz Pankova and Ava Rosato discuss her piece in the Feb. 16, 2018 issue, What’s in a Diss?. In it, they discuss Ava’s... Read more


What’s in a Diss?

Dissing yourself is a form of humor familiar to most. Moments of vulnerability and confidence alike often oblige us to defer to joking about everyone’s easiest target—themselves. But in what... Read more