Ava Rosato

Hard Truths or Soft People?

Hard Truths or Soft People?


I remember being very confused as a child listening to Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust.” My underdeveloped brain could not fathom why anyone would find dust appetizing. I contemplated the weird things I’d tried in the past, like that one time I ate a dog treat when I was 7, but I just couldn’t…

What’s in a Diss?

What’s in a Diss?


Dissing yourself is a form of humor familiar to most. Moments of vulnerability and confidence alike often oblige us to defer to joking about everyone’s easiest target—themselves. But in what sense should devaluing yourself ever be a source of humor? All too often, attempts to jokingly self-deprecate come across as either attention-seeking or pity-inducing. Personally,…

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