Fashion Issue 2018

Fashion Issue 2018

Letter from the Producers

Three months ago, we noticed a pattern: In fashion and in marketing, everything had become saturated. Colors like candy, photos like polaroids, and text like closed captions—all challenging the realism... Read more


Rodarte: A Walk Through the Mulleavys’ Garden

Rodarte’s place in the National Museum of Women in the Arts is fitting; women started the fashion company of the same name, and its designs are for women. The exhibit... Read more


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines, and May the Best Woman Win

“It’s a high heel race, not a sensible wedge trot,” a drag queen shouted to the crowd on an unseasonably warm October evening. It was the 32nd Annual 17th Street... Read more

Fashion Issue 2018

The Curated Unconscious: A Contradiction in Thrift

Modern hipsters enter a thrift store looking to repurpose grandma’s Christmas sweater from ’73 into a high-fashion statement of individualism and irony.But every friend of said hipster is also a... Read more

Fashion Issue 2018

Lost in the Machine: Self-Expression in Virtual Spaces

The color of my skin and my accent have always made it difficult for people to identify my ethnicity. This first became apparent in primary school, when my classmates were... Read more


Gaining Traction: Georgetown Alum Revives the Greek Sandal

Nickolas Theros’s knack for selling sandals surprised him at first. He’s new to the business, but he’s a natural. He brought two pairs of his leather Greek sandals to the... Read more

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea: Season 1, Episode 5

In this episode, Max and Kayla talk to special guest Ben Ulrich to talk about the queer experience. Disclaimer: Ben’s views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the... Read more

The Voice Podcast Network

Stripped: Season 3, Episode 5

Recorded sleepover style, this episode of “Stripped” features special guest Hanna Chan and hosts Emma Francois and Isabel Lord. On the docket: colorful hair and how it fits into identity,... Read more