Kayla Hewitt

Kayla is the Voice's podcast editor.


Afternoon Tea: The Fashion Issue

Kayla and Max made an issue! And it’s about fashion! Today, they (try to) talk about the experience on Afternoon Tea. “I watched a dog poop today and we made... Read more


Note from the Producers of Masquerade: Catholic Prep

When we first sat down to plan the fashion issue, we reflected on our experiences as Georgetown students. At first, we thought of our daily routines as a masquerade ball,... Read more


Afternoon Tea: Environmental Panic

In this episode Max and Kayla are joined by Mr. Georgetown himself, Ben Ulrich, and GREEN members Olivia Torbert and Amelia Walsh, to talk about existential environmental dread and whether... Read more


Afternoon Tea – Back To School

Welcome back to another season of Kayla Hewitt and Max Fredell being friends. On the eve of the first day of classes at Georgetown, Kayla and Max are joined by... Read more

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea: Slumber Party

For their final episode of the school year, Max and Kayla head to the office for a late night slumber party where they play classic games like “Never Have I... Read more


Afternoon Tea: Rituals

“When I go to shower, I bring my underwear in a plastic bag….’cause I don’t feel like being naked in my room.” -Max, around min 14:15 In this episode of... Read more

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea: Creativity

On this episode of Afternoon Tea, Max and Kayla talk about creative culture on campus and what creativity means to them. They even share a couple of their own creations!


Afternoon Tea: Spring Break

In this episode, Kayla and Max cover everything from spring break to drag culture, to Christopher Columbus.   Jingle: Bensound.com

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea: Stripped Edition

In this episode Kayla and Max are joined by the lovely and talented hosts of Stripped to discuss friendship dynamics.   Jingle: Bensound.com


Office Hours: Elizabeth Gleyzer

Welcome to “Office Hours,” the Voice’s video series in which we invite talented student-musicians to come and serenade us in our office. Check out more of the series here.  Elizabeth Gleyzer (COL... Read more