Office Hours: Elizabeth Gleyzer

February 17, 2019

Welcome to “Office Hours,” the Voice’s video series in which we invite talented student-musicians to come and serenade us in our office. Check out more of the series here

Elizabeth Gleyzer (COL ’20) is from Tacoma, Washington, a fact easy to pick up on when listening to her set for the Voice: two of the songs she performs are inspired by the nearby Olympic National Park. The violin-, guitar-, ukulele-, and piano-player credits the experience of living near nature as the source of much of her inspiration. “Being in the forest especially is really inspiring to me,” Gleyzer said. “Living near three national parks has played such a big role in my life and the person I am.” Being in nature gives her a sense of “calm infinity,” she explained, and that is something she wants to channel through her music.

As to her style, she says it falls somewhere between indie-folk, indie-acoustic, and indie-rock/alternative. Her songs often come to her in bursts of inspiration. The lyrics to “You Said” came to her early one morning in a moment of intense emotion, and her ukulele number “Olympic” was in her head when she woke up from a nap. This song-writing style is just how she likes it, she said. “I want it to be inspired.”


Kayla Hewitt
Kayla is the Voice's podcast editor.

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