Mica Bernhard

Fashion Issue 2018

The Curated Unconscious: A Contradiction in Thrift

Modern hipsters enter a thrift store looking to repurpose grandma’s Christmas sweater from ’73 into a high-fashion statement of individualism and irony.But every friend of said hipster is also a... Read more

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices: Mica Bernhard on Friendship in the Digital Age

In this episode of the Fresh Voices podcast, Julia Pinney talks with Mica Bernhard about her piece in the Feb. 9 issue, Friendship Send Failure. In it, she talks about her experience... Read more


Friendship Send Failure

There’s something raw about being a freshman in college. I liken my first week at Georgetown to the feeling of getting lost in a supermarket as a child, running down... Read more


Reel Pulpit: Stranger Things Episode!

In this episode of The Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro, Alex Boyd, Mica Bernhard, and Dajour Evans serve some well-aged hot takes on the second season of Stranger Things, available now on... Read more


Life Infiltrating Art

I read reports of Louis C.K.’s alleged sexual misconduct, now confirmed by Louis himself, on the same laptop that held a “Louis C.K. is my spirit animal” sticker. Before I... Read more