Emma Francois

is the highest-pitched voice on the fashion + sex podcast, Stripped.


Stripped: The Mothership

For their final episode of Stripped with the Voice Podcast Network (*pause for a single tear to roll down your cheek), Emma and Isabel bring their much-discussed MOMS to the... Read more

Halftime Leisure

A Guide to Navigating Your Exes and Their Families at Senior Ball

The Last Chance Dance came and went; students now eagerly await the actual last chance dance: Senior Ball. It’s the District’s messiest event of the year, as emotional train wrecks... Read more


Stripped: Intimacy Directors

In this wholesome episode of Stripped, Emma Francois and Isabel Lord sit down with special guests Kayla Hewitt and Katie Randolph to talk about their mentors in sex and fashion... Read more


Stripped: What’s Your Sex Brand?

“Maybe you wear a T-Rex costume but you’re actually like a flower.” -Emma, min 39 Emma and Isabel sit down with their special guest, the boyishly handsome Ron, a drinking... Read more


Stripped: Sensuality

The original duo is back. On this episode, Emma and Isabel talk getting dressed as a sensual act—each to varying levels of satisfaction—as inspired by this beautiful article. Isabel schools Emma... Read more


New Paper, New Office, Same Old Voice

Within 16 pages, the Oct. 22, 2009 issue of the Voice housed the feature, “A History of One-night Stands: Comedy at Georgetown,” the news clip, “Shot Fired in McDonough Bathroom,”... Read more


Stripped: Nudity

What do you feel sexiest in? Emma and Isabel sit down with guests Anna (a roommate) and Zoey (a two-time Voice Fashion Issue model) and talk about the difference between... Read more


Stripped: The Male Mind

In this wild episode of Stripped, Emma and Isabel sit down with some dudes they just met, and some they’ve slept with, Ryan, Ian, Jeremy, and Parker. They ask all... Read more


Stripped: Sex!

Just kidding, this episode isn’t about sex. But it is about underwear, which is close! On this scandalous episode, hosts Isabel Lord and Emma Francois are joined by fellow podcasters, hosts... Read more


Stripped: To pack or not to pack?

In time for spring break, Isabel and Emma talk their upcoming trips to New Orleans *MardiGraswoopwoop* and the British Moors *BronteSistersnerdalert*, respectively. What to pack, they wonder? They look no... Read more