Stripped: To pack or not to pack?

February 26, 2019

In time for spring break, Isabel and Emma talk their upcoming trips to New Orleans *MardiGraswoopwoop* and the British Moors *BronteSistersnerdalert*, respectively. What to pack, they wonder? They look no further than Joan Didion’s packing list for inspiration, and break down their attitudes toward airport fashion and travel-shopping en route, swapping laptops for typewriters and TSA-compliant shampoos for [TSA-compliant] bottles of bourbon.

Isabel Lord
Isabel graduated from the College and wishes she learned how to soulja boy and will fight you for dessert. She is the Voice's former multimedia editor, coproducer of the Fashion Issue, and has the deepest voice on the podcast Stripped.

Emma Francois
is the highest-pitched voice on the fashion + sex podcast, Stripped.

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