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Joe Biden at the Anthem

Joe Biden at the Anthem


In modern America, political discussion has become taboo among friends and family. The country is engulfed in a sense of division that’s unprecedented in modern political history. The US finds itself weakened on the world stage, and our future seems uncertain. The shadow of Donald Trump and the moral corruption of Washington looms large over…

Critical Voices: Camila Cabello, <i>Camila</i>

Critical Voices: Camila Cabello, Camila


For most pop stars, the transition from band member to solo artist can be a rocky one. Many pop artists have tried and failed to find commercial success after escaping the bands that launched them into stardom. Camila Cabello, formerly of pop group Fifth Harmony, has bucked this trend with her self-titled album Camila. The…

<i>It</i> Captivates with both Scares and Laughs

It Captivates with both Scares and Laughs


Adapting a Stephen King novel is never an easy task. Most directors have struggled with walking a fine line between creative liberty and adherence to the source material. When filmmakers work hard to create a movie that will please both King fans and the general public, it can go a long way, as evidenced by…

Carrying On: An Open Letter to Latino Immigrants

Carrying On: An Open Letter to Latino Immigrants


Before his joint session speech to Congress on Feb. 28, Donald Trump called for a “compromise” on immigration. This move came in light of increased U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids and deportations. But while Trump built much of his campaign around the promise to have ICE deport the “bad hombres,” these raids have…

The Weekly List: Good Vibes for Midterm Season

The Weekly List: Good Vibes for Midterm Season


It’s that time of year again: the seemingly endless stretch between the beginning of the semester and finals dubbed “midterm season.” Georgetown, being the special little snowflake of a university it is, blesses its students with a midterm season that lasts more or less up until the end of the semester. This, coupled with a…

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