Inès de Miranda

Inès graduated from Georgetown in May 2020.
During her time at the Voice, she served as chair of the Editorial Board and wrote for most sections.


New Kid on the Starting Block: Carbone Heads to Olympic Trials

Drew Carbone (MSB ’21) may have qualified for the U.S. Olympic swimming trials, but all he can think about right now is the Big East. Carbone (pronounced car-BONE-ee) is the... Read more


University releases first-ever cultural climate survey

Georgetown has launched its first-ever Cultural Climate Survey to provide the administration with data on diversity and inclusion on campus in order to improve campus culture in the future. The... Read more


Trailer Takes: Hunters, Fast & Furious 9, Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back

Trailer 1 — Hunters (2020) Chetan: At first, I thought I clicked on the wrong link when I opened this trailer because it didn’t even seem like a TV trailer—it... Read more


Quiz: Which Holiday Song Are You Based On Your Finals Schedule?

Are you procrastinating by taking this quiz right now? What does that say about you? Answer these five questions to find out what kind of studier you are and what... Read more


By students, for students: An academic framework to analyze Title IX

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault. Every registration period, Georgetown asks students to scroll through course descriptions, try every possible configuration of their schedule, and bow to the inevitability... Read more


Who’s on First? Episode 2: Wrestling

Join Delaney and Inès as they continue their journey to learn ~sports~ and watch a wrestling meet with Noah Telerski and Cam Smith. Listen to it on Apple Podcasts Listen... Read more


As Long as I’ve Got My Suit and Tie: Georgetown’s Implicit Dress Code

“Personal pride is an inherent quality of the weaker sex.”  These words feature in the 1962 Miss G handbook, Georgetown’s female Student Code of Conduct, which was the first introduction... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Lifetime’s The College Admissions Scandal Misses the Mark by a Mile

The answer to why The College Admissions Scandal was made is obvious: a real-world drama that engrossed the nation for months last year with enough recurring plot developments in the... Read more


Men’s Soccer Wins Big East Championship with Tie Against Creighton

The No. 3 Georgetown men’s soccer team tied 1-1 in Wednesday’s game against Creighton after two scoreless sudden-victory overtime periods left the two teams at a stalemate. This was the... Read more


Trailer Takes: The Mandalorian, The Photograph, and Little Joe

The Mandalorian: Matthew: Woah woah woah! The trailer goes from stormtrooper helmets on spikes to talking about bounty hunters, one of which looks very similar to a stormtrooper. I... Read more