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Promising Young Woman tackles complicated topics while maintaining a sense of humor

Content warning: This film discusses issues surrounding sexual assault  The opening shot sequence to Emerald Fennell’s directorial debut Promising Young Woman (2020) says it all. As the names of cast... Read more


Wendy’s Escape to Neverland is Joyful and Sincere

“Peter means something different to every person. We all have an idea of what that story means and who he is. And it has so much to do with how... Read more


Chris Distefano Brings Edgy Comedy to the Capital

From the beginning of Chris Distefano’s show, he seemed to immediately click with the audience. Between his impressions of millennial culture and the ease with which he talked about his... Read more


Trailer Takes: Hunters, Fast & Furious 9, Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back

Trailer 1 — Hunters (2020) Chetan: At first, I thought I clicked on the wrong link when I opened this trailer because it didn’t even seem like a TV trailer—it... Read more


The Voice Predicts the 2020 Oscars

Best Picture by Abby Webster Who Will Win: 1917 Who Should Win: Parasite For a brief moment in 2017, we lived in a world where the Academy made good decisions. Last year’s Gr**n... Read more


Aaron Hernandez And The Plague Of The NFL

Like many people who aren’t big into sports, I had no idea who Aaron Hernandez was before watching the new Netflix docuseries, The Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez,... Read more

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Trailer Takes: The New Mutants, A Quiet Place Part II, Tenet

Trailer 1 — The New Mutants (2020) Bella: I never thought I would see an X-Men-esque movie that feels so much like a horror/thriller movie. Although other X-Men movies have... Read more

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Trailer Takes: No Time to Die, Black Widow, Mulan

Trailer 1 — No Time to Die (2020) Dajour: I must admit, I’ve never seen a Bond movie—and I’m not just talking the Daniel Craig ones, I mean in general.... Read more

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The King: Bore or Brilliance?

Ever since Netflix’s Roma (2018) became the first film released by a streaming service to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, the platform has continued to increase its... Read more

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Coraline: The Kids Movie That Made Me Afraid of My Mom

Coraline (2009) isn’t exactly a “Halloween movie”. In fact, there’s no mention of Halloween at all. Despite this, Coraline’s resemblance to a lot of children’s Halloween movies has solidified its... Read more