Blythe Dujardin

is a sophomore in the SFS whose most notable personality trait is being Canadian.

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Curating a virtual social life: Online games for COVID-19 isolation

COVID-19 has caused a global interruption of standard social life. Social distancing guidelines along with the closing of most public places have forced many people into isolation. Yet, we are... Read more

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Trailer Takes: The French Dispatch, The Green Knight, Stranger Things 4

Trailer 1 — The French Dispatch (2020) Roman: One of my favorite directors of all time (Wes Anderson) making a movie about one of my greatest passions (journalism)? I can... Read more


Grimes Celebrates Darker Sound and Gothic Doom in Miss Anthropocene

In the aftermath of her transition from a DIY, counter-culture feminist to Elon Musk’s goth popstar girlfriend, Grimes has released Miss Anthropocene (2020). Though her ecological thesis gets lost in... Read more


Elon Musk, Grimes, and Living in a 21st Century Society

Few celebrities have managed to create a reputation and societal imprint as unique as Elon Musk. His image has become all the more interesting since the announcement of his relationship... Read more


Bojack Horseman‘s Finale Gets It Right

Content Warning: references to suicide, depression, and subtance abuse. Contains spoilers for the final season of Bojack Horseman. *** Bojack Horseman is over, and everything is worse now.  I first... Read more


Black Movements Dance Theatre Spring Concert Showcases Historical Icons and Modern Identities

It’s production week for Black Movements Dance Theatre (BMDT)’s upcoming Spring Dance Concert: Legends, Leaders, Warriors and Other Great Souls. Dancers dressed in all black are spread across the floor... Read more


The Voice Predicts the 2020 Oscars

Best Picture by Abby Webster Who Will Win: 1917 Who Should Win: Parasite For a brief moment in 2017, we lived in a world where the Academy made good decisions. Last year’s Gr**n... Read more

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Weathering with You: The Rise of Shinkai and the Anime Wave

When I attended middle school in a small, Canadian town, openly liking anime got you labeled as either a weirdo or pervert—most likely both. It was ostracizing. Recently, I attended... Read more

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Trailer Takes: Morbius, The Lovebirds, Guns Akimbo

Trailer 1 — Morbius (2020) Steven: Ok, so mad scientist is running out of time, has to test the cure on himself, turns out the cure has some ridiculously over-the-top... Read more