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Ranking Every Nicholas Cage Movie on Amazon Prime

How do we keep the quarantine boredom at bay? Cry havoc and let loose the films of Cage. Luckily Amazon Prime has an excellent selection of 10 films starring the... Read more

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Ranking Every Nicolas Cage Movie on Netflix

Look, you’re in quarantine and there’s only so many episodes of Tiger King out there. Eventually, you’re going to get bored enough to watch a film starring the man, the... Read more

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Could Altered Carbon be the Next Great Science Fiction Franchise?

Back in 2018, Netflix launched the first season of Altered Carbon, a Blade Runner (1982)/Ghost in the Shell (1995) knock-off where human beings could download their consciousness into a computer... Read more


The Hunt Doesn’t Live Up to the Controversy

Back in July of 2019 the first trailer for The Hunt (2020) dropped online, showing a group of rich, snobby (liberal) elites hunting a bunch of regular (conservative) people, and... Read more


Onward Takes Viewers on a Personal, if Uneven, Quest

Pixar’s new fantasy adventure flick Onward (2020) is surprisingly poignant. “It’s probably the most personal film we’ve ever made at Pixar,” Kelsey Mann, the studio’s Head of Story, said in... Read more


A Mobster Snitches on the Mafia in The Traitor

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching mob movies, it’s that you never snitch on the mafia. Killing people, stealing, selling drugs, infringing on other mobsters’ territories, or sleeping... Read more


The Voice Predicts the 2020 Oscars

Best Picture by Abby Webster Who Will Win: 1917 Who Should Win: Parasite For a brief moment in 2017, we lived in a world where the Academy made good decisions. Last year’s Gr**n... Read more

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We’re Finally Getting a Seventh Season of The Clone Wars!

Back when I first really got into film and TV, a couple of my friends suggested that I watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I initially scoffed, having seen the... Read more


10 Things Nicholas Cage Should Steal in National Treasure 3

Thirteen years after the premiere of National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets (2007), another entry in the Nicholas Cage-starring pseudo-archaeological action franchise is apparently in development.  While Cage is... Read more

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Trailer Takes: Morbius, The Lovebirds, Guns Akimbo

Trailer 1 — Morbius (2020) Steven: Ok, so mad scientist is running out of time, has to test the cure on himself, turns out the cure has some ridiculously over-the-top... Read more