Roman Peregrino

is the managing editor of the Voice. He is from San Francisco and a lot less Italian than his name suggests.

Halftime Sports

A Quick Guide to D.C. Sports

An important part of settling into a new place is familiarizing yourself with the local sports teams. Washington D.C. has a rich professional sports environment, with teams from the MLB,... Read more


New Americas Institute to create university-wide focus on Latin America

University President John DeGioia announced the creation of the Americas Institute, whose mission is to connect university organizations and scholars whose work focuses on Latin America, in a schoolwide email... Read more


Georgetown students take on prison industrial complex

The Georgetown Prison Divestment Campaign (GUPDC) crafted and sent a proposal demanding the university divest from the prison industrial complex sent to the university’s Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Latinx Studies

This article is part of a series of explainer pieces by the Voice on some of the most important topics on campus. Other articles in the series can be found... Read more


Howie Hawkins Zooms in with the Voice

It’s not often the Voice gets to sit down with a presidential candidate.  In fact, Howie Hawkins, long time Green Party candidate for governor of New York and, more recently,... Read more


Georgetown voices of Black Lives Matter

Content Warning: racism, depictions of assault and violence  George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police on May 25, as four officers held the unarmed man facedown on the ground, and... Read more


Sports moments that make us cry

We miss sports. It is difficult to be at home and expected to remain in school, that is a given. But to do it without sports? The world is cruel.... Read more


New federal Title IX regulations announced amid criticism

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual harassment and assault. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced new rules regarding federal Title IX regulations on May 6. These regulations come after a... Read more

Halftime Sports

2019-2020 NHL Award Picks

I miss hockey. Well, I miss a lot of things. I miss school. I miss my girlfriend. I miss Voice Sportz meetings. But I really do miss hockey. Sure, the... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Trailer Takes: The French Dispatch, The Green Knight, Stranger Things 4

Trailer 1 — The French Dispatch (2020) Roman: One of my favorite directors of all time (Wes Anderson) making a movie about one of my greatest passions (journalism)? I can... Read more