Roman Peregrino

Once upon a time, Roman was the Voice's EIC as well as news, managing, and sports editor. He is from San Francisco and a lot less Italian than his name suggests.


This Week in Soccer: September 7-September 14

This week, the Voice looks at the need for improved finishing from Dante Polvara and Marlon Tabora and the quiet greatness of Sydney Cummings.


Where have all the students gone? How leave of absence policies hinder student wellness

In the face of mental illness or medical emergency, a growing number of college students are taking a leave of absence. Often, it doesn't help.


This week in soccer 8/31-9/6

This week, The Voice takes a look at Eliza Turner and Keiran Sargeant's star turns, as well as recapping the week's final tallies.


This Week in Soccer: Start of the Season

Every week, the Voice will supplement our daily soccer coverage with a wrap-up that includes news, notes, and observations on the men’s and women’s soccer teams. This week covers the... Read more


It’s been so long since last we met

Hoya fans return to on-campus sporting events for the first time since campus shut down due to COVID-19 and everyone is excited.


First Time Long Time: The one about being a fan

Roman and Nathan are joined by Annie Hoge to discuss what being a sports fan means to them (11:27) and which members of their favorite teams they want at the... Read more


First Time Long Time: The one about Euros 2020

Roman and Nathan return to Novak Djokovic’s first Wimbledon (0:42), discuss the NCAA’s new NIL rules and where they would like to be sponsored (5:20), and marvel at the run... Read more

Halftime Leisure

10 of the best movies about baseball

Roman is a Giants fan. Annie is a Dodgers fan. By the rules of all things sacred, the two of us should not be friends. Yet somehow, we are, even... Read more


First Time Long Time: The one with rocks

Roman and Nathan go back to this week in 1997 for the NHL Draft (1:00), take a look at the NBA playoffs (4:50), and break down Carl Nassib’s decision to... Read more


First Time Long Time: The one with conspiracy theories

Roman and Nathan remember the Capitals 2018 championship (0:35), take a quick look around the MLB (6:32) and debate how many tries it would take them to throw a no-hitter... Read more