Juliana Vaccaro

Juliana is a senior in the College, an English/Economics double major, a Chinese minor, and a Contributing Editor. She somehow still finds time to take way too many Buzzfeed quizzes.


A Beautiful Wreck: Halsey’s Complicated Self-Portrait in Manic

“There’s an ancient saying that you have three faces: the first one you broadcast to the world, the second you show to those closest to you, and the last one... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Trailer Takes: Irresistible, Mr. Jones, To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Loved You

 Irresistible (2020) Maya: With the Democratic Party desperately trying to win back swing states in our real world, this movie’s premise isn’t wholly unreasonable. My first impression was that there... Read more


Hayley Kiyoko Plays it Safe in I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit

Two years ago, Hayley Kiyoko delivered some of her best work in her debut album, Expectations. With songs like “Curious” and “Sleepover,” it was impossible to go through the album... Read more

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Trailer Takes: The New Mutants, A Quiet Place Part II, Tenet

Trailer 1 — The New Mutants (2020) Bella: I never thought I would see an X-Men-esque movie that feels so much like a horror/thriller movie. Although other X-Men movies have... Read more

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The Aeronauts Fails to Reach New Heights

In the final 10 minutes of The Aeronauts (2019), while James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) and Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones) are struggling to defy nature and land their hot air balloon,... Read more

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Halftime’s Favorite Holiday Films

Abby: Carol (2015) What makes a Christmas movie? Carol has everything the classics do—romance, snowy New York City streets, a capitalism-themed inciting incident—with an added lesbian period drama twist. Draped... Read more


Trailer Takes: Sonic the Hedgehog, Seberg, Bad Boys For Life

Trailer 1 — Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) Anna: I am always here for movies that mix animated characters with real actors and actresses (Detective Pikachu (2019))! That being said, I... Read more


Focus Cia de Dança Builds Surreal Moments in STILL REICH

In complete silence, Roberta Bussoni and Marcio Jahú faced each other on the side of a half-lit stage. Their dance began with isolated arm movements, but it quickly evolved into... Read more

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Trailer Takes: Cats

Cats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtSd844cI7U Katie: Hi, God. It’s me, Katie. I have a few questions, but I guess my first one is what in the fresh hell is this? Some of the... Read more


Critical Voices: Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins

If you woke up on June 7 thinking that you were suddenly back in 2009, don’t worry: you did not accidentally time travel. A decade after the release of their... Read more