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QUIZ: What Building At Georgetown Are You?

QUIZ: What Building At Georgetown Are You?


You see them everyday as you travel around campus. Some are viewed as beloved additions to the campus, causing many students to spend most of their weeks within their walls. Others are vilified by the members of the community, viewed as the bane of existence and an obstacle towards a happier, more fulfilling life. Take…

Kidz Bop: Songs That Should be on the Next Album

Kidz Bop: Songs That Should be on the Next Album


Since the first album came out in 2001, Kidz Bop has been a phenomenon. The franchise’s staple of having children sing clean versions of popular songs has resonated with parents wanting to listen to music without worrying about their children hearing innuendos or curse words. This has led to involvement with brands like the Hard…

<i>The Mandalorian:</i> Space Opera Meets Spaghetti Western

The Mandalorian: Space Opera Meets Spaghetti Western


The latest trilogy of Star Wars movies has wrapped up on a divisive note, so it’s time for Disney to start looking for where to take the franchise next. Enter The Mandalorian, a flagship TV show for a franchise that’s been defined by its theater presence and numerous toy lines. Thankfully, this show charts a…

The Weekly List: The Tea Edition

The Weekly List: The Tea Edition


Warning: This is for the drink tea rather than “the tea”; please refer to almost every other part of the Voice for that kind of tea According to Wikipedia, the first evidence of drinking tea is present in medicinal records found in China during the 3rd century CE. The world has been finding new ways…

Can <i>The Witcher</i> Claim HBO’s Old Throne?

Can The Witcher Claim HBO’s Old Throne?


The Witcher is being advocated as Netflix’s attempt at a Game of Thrones show and we now have the latest trailer to see how their attempts have panned out. The large cast and numerous locales suggest a lot of time, money, and effort has been put into the series. There is a lot of potential…

Trailer Takes: <i>Raising Dion</i>, <i>Frozen II</i>, <i>The King’s Man</i>

Trailer Takes: Raising Dion, Frozen II, The King’s Man

By: , and

Raising Dion: Anna: Sci-Fi and Michael B. Jordan! Now that’s a combination I never thought I would experience. Does it work? Maybe, possibly, probably not. Although the dramatic music helps build intrigue throughout the trailer, it still feels awkward. I will say that this trailer does not spoil too much about the show. There…

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