Maya Cassady

Maya is a sophomore in the College with no intention of declaring a major anytime soon. Hopefully her love of music and movies makes up for it.


The Voice‘s guide to D.C. concert venues

Songbyrd Address: 540 Penn St. NE (Union Market) How to get there: Take the GUTS Bus to Dupont, hop on the Red line to Glenmont and get off at the... Read more


The Great Pottery Throw Down: An Unexpectedly Delightful Competition

I have never felt such mingled fear and excitement from a TV show in my life. But after watching the season 3 premiere of The Great Pottery Throw Down, I... Read more

Halftime Leisure

QUIZ: Help Us Help You

It’s a trying time here on 37th and O. With midterms, the dreariness of late February, and the crushing sense of loneliness following Valentine’s Day, we won’t lie, we’ve been... Read more


Beach Bunny Combines Intimate Narratives With Uplifting Indie Pop In Honeymoon

Beach Bunny’s debut album, Honeymoon (2020), isn’t revolutionary, but the bright blast of indie pop is a refreshingly sincere addition to a genre that can be riddled with clichés. Lili... Read more


Halftime’s Dream Journal: A Trip to Vittles

There isn’t a known explanation for why we dream, but there are many theories. Maybe it’s our subconscious desires and wishes being voiced through hazy, strangely vivid scenarios. Maybe we’re... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Trailer Takes: Irresistible, Mr. Jones, To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Loved You

 Irresistible (2020) Maya: With the Democratic Party desperately trying to win back swing states in our real world, this movie’s premise isn’t wholly unreasonable. My first impression was that there... Read more

Halftime Leisure

1920s Trends to Bring Back in the New Decade

Much like a flapper wishing to make a big impression with her new spangly dress, we are late to the party. We are aware that it is a month into... Read more


Quiz: Which Baby Yoda Are You?

This little green kid has been taking over the internet. Where is he from? We don’t know. Is he the chosen one? Probably. But the biggest question still remains: Which... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Two Popes: What You Need To Know Before The Oscars

Trigger warning: This article mentions sexual abuse within the church.    Fernando Meirelles’s The Two Popes has gained global acclaim over its recent envoy of nominations, most notably from the... Read more


The Weekly List: Hot Girl Bummer

Hot Girl Bummer Whether it be the cold weather or finals season, Georgetown is currently in the surviving not thriving stage of the semester. Maybe you want some sympathetic bops... Read more