The Weekly List: Hot Girl Bummer

December 10, 2019

Illustration by Jacob Bilich

Hot Girl Bummer

Whether it be the cold weather or finals season, Georgetown is currently in the surviving not thriving stage of the semester. Maybe you want some sympathetic bops to get you through the coming weeks. Maybe you just want to wallow. Either way, this playlist is for you. Here’s seven hot girl bummers.


Clairo – “White Flag”

If you’re going for emotional unavailability, “White Flag” is the song for you. Whether it’s the electronic backtrack or the slightly vague lyrics, “White Flag” is easy to get lost in. Add in Clairo’s vocals, and the song is endgame in bummer hours.

Paramore – “26”

“26” should come with a warning label for sadness. The existentialism leaps out of this song and into my naive nineteen-year-old heart. Honestly, y’all probably shouldn’t listen to “26” if you have anything of value to do with your night. One play from this song, and you’re out for the count. 

King princess – “Talia”

Let’s be honest. King Princess’s long-awaited album was not what we wanted or needed. Thankfully, Make My Bed still slaps a year and a half later. “Talia” is versatile in its ability to be an ugly cry song and also a pre-going out vibe to get you pumped. The fact that this song is also about a (presumably hot) girl adds to its rapport in this playlist. 

Ivy Sole – “Les Fleurs”

Ivy Sole is greatly underappreciated in her singing and rapping ability. “Les Fleurs” is a testament to both. The lyrics of finality are inescapable, which makes it a big bummer consistently in my life. 

Snail Mail – “Golden Dream”

“Golden Dream” hits hard at the worst of times. “I’m not yours / Know when I mean it / I’m not wasted anymore” truly hurts to listen to. Whether Snail Mail’s referencing wasting her love on someone who doesn’t deserve it or being wasted in love with yet another (presumably hot) girl is still unclear to me. But does it really matter? No. The ambiguity makes it slap that much harder. 

Phoebe Bridgers – “Motion Sickness”

Phoebe Bridgers encompasses the angst side of hot girl bummer. I listen to “Motion Sickness” when I need to meet a fast approaching deadline and have no motivation left in my one (1) brain cell. The rage? Inspiring. The sadness? Unmatched. The spite? Motivational. 

Quinnie- “gold star”

“Gold Star” is the cherry on top of this bummer playlist. This song has the same energy as going to the student health center at 7:30 am, only for them to tell you that you should just tough it out. Five days later, your flu test is positive. You aren’t mad. Just deeply upset and somewhat sad. 



Maya Cassady
Maya is a sophomore in the College with no intention of declaring a major anytime soon. Hopefully her love of music and movies makes up for it.

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