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Weekly List: Baila Conmigo (Part 2)!

May 22, 2017

It’s finally summer! The sun is shining, and you have no more responsibilities (until that summer job/internship starts up). It’s time to kick back, relax, and throw on some Latin tunes. Here are some songs that are just perfect for summer and all the feels the season brings.

1. Juan Magan and Luciána, “Baila Conmigo

You’ve finished another year of school! Invite everyone to join you as you dance with joy, singing “chica, chico, baila conmigo!” This song’s bouncy musical breakdowns and carefree vibe will have you up on your feet and ready to get down every time it’s played.

2.  Shakira, “Me Enamoré

It’s your first day at your summer internship, and you’ve just been introduced to your coworker, who happens to be the most beautiful person alive. Of course, you promptly fall head over heels in love. Shakira understands exactly what you’re going through – she sings about the happy, giddy feeling which accompanies love-at-first-sight in “Me Enamoré.” Her melodious voice and sassy electronic embellishments pair to create a feel-good song you’ll want to put on repeat.

3. Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony, “La Gozadera

You’re scrolling through your Instagram in June, and all you see are pictures of your friends on exotic trips. No need to have FOMO though – you can go on a tour of Latin America with “La Gozadera!” Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony give a shout-out to each Latin American country, while smooth, rhythmic percussion and trumpets add a distinctly Latino flair.

4. J Balvin, “Sigo Extranándote

It’s a mid-summer night, and you find yourself missing your Georgetown baes. Pine away for your long-distance loved ones with J Balvin, singing “yo sigo extrañándote/ a cada instante/ en todo momento” [“I keep missing you/ at each instant/ in every moment”]. The song’s relaxed beat and whimsical electronic flourishes provide the perfect background music for nostalgically scrolling through last year’s Facebook album.

5. CNCO, Yandel, “Hey DJ

You’ve somehow managed to end up at the same party as your co-worker (Summer Bae)! Next order of business: get Summer Bae to dance with you. Of course, this will only be possible if the music is setting the right mood. CNCO and Yandel sing about the process of requesting the DJ to play that ~perfect song~ which helps you get Summer Bae’s attention in “Hey DJ.” Electronic beats accent the genuine yearning in the singers’ voices.

6. Cali Y El Dandee and Shaggy, “Lumbra

Congratulations – the song you requested got Summer Bae’s attention! The two of you immediately hit it off. “Lumbra” comes on, and you can’t help but sing along to the chorus – “In my heart I feel fire, fuego!” The song’s steady beat makes it perfect for showing off your dance moves, and its xylophone accents give it a tropical vibe.

7. Shakira and Carlos Vives, “La Bicicleta

It’s a beautiful evening, and you have some time to experience the simple pleasures of summer. Shakira and Carlos Vives’ crooning voices and sweet accordion interludes make “La Bicicleta” the perfect song to listen to as you enjoy a cold drink and watch the sunset.

8. Cali Y El Dandee, “Por Siempre

It’s Summer Bae’s last day in the office. As you watch Summer Bae pack up his/her things and head out, you console yourself by listening to “Por Siempre.” Cali Y El Dandee may be a bit heavy on the autotune as they sing “por siempre yo te voy a amar” [“I’m going to love you forever”], but the song’s upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus lines still manage to turn your frown upside down!

9. Jonathon Moly and Jerry Rivera “Sayonara

It’s almost YOUR last day at this grueling unpaid internship, and you’re 500% ready to finish. Sing “te digo BYE BYE, ciao, sayonara!” at the top of your lungs and blast this song as you drive away from your place of slave labor work. The song’s jaunty trumpets and playful percussion will surely add fanfare to your grand exit.

10. Wisin, “Vacaciones

Summer has just about come to a close, and all you want to do is get back to your friends and the Hilltop.  Wisin puts your feelings into words. He sings “yo no necesito vacaciones, ni dolores de cabeza/ solo me hacen falta mis amigos y un traguito de cerveza” [“I don’t need vacations or headaches, I just need my friends and a sip of Natty beer”]. The song’s driving rhythm and relevant lyrics make it the perfect soundtrack for your journey back to 37th and O.

Want even more Latin music for the summer? Check out Spotify’s “Viva Latino-Top 50” playlist!

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