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Anshu is a senior in the MSB who most notably loves Frank Ocean and cut her own bangs in quarantine.


Phoebe Bridgers’s Punisher radiates authenticity and wistfulness

Quarantine peaked for me when I was watching Phoebe Bridgers perform in shooting-star pajamas and a skeleton costume while promoting her latest album, Punisher (2020). In her performance of “Kyoto”... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Trailer Takes: Enola Holmes, She’s in Portland, Alone

Trailer 1 — She’s In Portland (2020) Sophie: This movie feels so familiar and ordinary that it could have come from any script at a random Starbucks in Los Angeles.... Read more


Dominic Fike rises above the pressure to deliver a masterful debut with What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Dominic Fike’s long-awaited first full-length album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong (2020), came out two and a half years after his hit EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos. The new... Read more