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It may be “cuffing season,” but you might be better off unattached

Something about winter creeping up is enough to make anyone want to trade the “Hot Girl Summer” mindset for a “Settle Down Winter” one. Or better yet, a “Time to Lower my Standards” mindset, as I like to call it. The need to be in a relationship can be so completely consuming that people will be quick to view themselves as the problem and lower their standards, when it’s more about luck and timing. Furthermore, this downgrade of standards may not be setting them up for a successful and healthy relationship.


D.C. must prioritize housing people over evicting encampments

The District must immediately halt scheduled homeless encampment evictions, redouble its efforts to properly execute its hypothermia plan, and accelerate investments in affordable housing over the long term.


The Weekly List: Pretty Songs to Warm a Cold Heart

While the weather has remained surprisingly temperate this winter (thanks global warming), I still believe that the ~winter vibe~ is strong. So despite the lack of snow, here is a... Read more


The Weekly List: Hot Girl Bummer

Hot Girl Bummer Whether it be the cold weather or finals season, Georgetown is currently in the surviving not thriving stage of the semester. Maybe you want some sympathetic bops... Read more

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How to Appreciate Brisk Winter Runs

The lower the temperature drops, the harder I find it to convince myself to get out of bed when my 8:21am alarm goes off. I don’t know how some students... Read more