Lara Fishbane


Higher Edge: The truth about rankings

The U.S. News and World Report released its annual college rankings list on Tuesday Sept. 12. University presidents, administrators, and deans waited with baited breath for its release as a... Read more


The Voice Summer Reading List

“Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch — Graham Piro Multiverse theories and quantum physics typically make for dry, scholarly writing. In the hands of Blake Crouch, however, these topics make for... Read more


Higher Edge: The Role of Campus Media in Student Protests

The confrontation between student photojournalist Tim Tai and protesters at the University of Missouri has ignited a debate concerning the stifling  of free speech on college campuses, re-raised questions concerning... Read more


Higher Edge: Challenging Without Triggering

“I don’t believe in trigger warnings,” my professor tells the class, proud of her refusal to succumb to the excessive coddling of college students. The problem with the discussion around... Read more


Higher Edge: When the Grading System Misses the Mark

The day the school year starts, reading stops feeling like reading. It starts with looking at the number of pages and hopefully ends with a neat bulleted list of discussion... Read more


Higher Edge: What Are We Paying For, Anyway?

It’s the second week of school and everyone I know already seems to be consumed by work. Nine days of classes, and we’re burnt out and sleep deprived and wondering... Read more


Passing Judgment: The effects of anonymous evaluations

“I WANT YOU,” reads a long-forgotten sign that still remains affixed to the wall of a Car Barn classroom. This sign, and many others like it, are the last remnants... Read more


Higher Edge: The cheating system—Who’s to Blame?

Stanford University is investigating a recent surge in allegations of academic dishonesty reported at the end of its winter quarter. These allegations, including an incident which involved up to 20... Read more


Higher Edge: The necessity of taking action

It hurts to get rejected from your dream college, especially if you believe you’re qualified. It even makes sense to bear a bit of resentment in the years following your... Read more


GU Fossil Free presents proposal to board of directors

After two years of working on its proposal for divestment from fossil fuels, Georgetown University Fossil Free presented the final explanation of its demands for full divestment from the top... Read more