Lara Fishbane


Inequality for All: Cash rules everything around me

Inequality for All is kind of like An Inconvenient Truth if Al Gore were approximately four-fifths his height and the environment were the economy. Both documentaries aim first to distill highly complex societal maladies into digestible graphics and memorable stories. In this respect, the film’s creator Robert Reich finds success. Unfortunately, like Gore’s Truth, Inequality for All ends up being as much a victory lap for its star as it is a case for a more just economy.


University to increase student tuition and faculty salaries

Over the next five years, the University’s Financial Plan intends to increase total University spending by $127,893,000. In order to cover these additional expenditures, the University expects greater growth in... Read more


Trial proves Nazis must remain accountable years later

Sixty-nine years ago, Siert Bruins allegedly killed a Dutch resistance fighter. This Monday, he was placed on trial for Nazi war crimes. No matter how many times people say the... Read more