Brynn Furey

Brynn is a Contributing Editor for the Voice. She's a huge proponent of pop punk, capybaras, and world peace.

Halftime Leisure

The weekly list: The lessons I learned from my parents’ music

It seems like a century ago that I said goodbye to my family and settled into my freshman dorm room, bracing myself for the next four years at Georgetown. Before... Read more


Hustlers on the Hilltop

Wake up, hustlers! Another day, another dollar on the Hilltop. Georgetown students are already up and at ’em, walking dogs on Prospect Street, swiping GoCards in the Southwest Quad, whipping... Read more


As Long as I’ve Got My Suit and Tie: Georgetown’s Implicit Dress Code

“Personal pride is an inherent quality of the weaker sex.”  These words feature in the 1962 Miss G handbook, Georgetown’s female Student Code of Conduct, which was the first introduction... Read more


Storm Clouds on the Horizon: The 34th annual Donn B. Murphy One Acts Festival is unlike any other

One week before opening night on Nov. 13, the storm was raging at full speed. Mask and Bauble staff members yelled to each other over a thunderous cacophony of crows,... Read more


Seeking New Leadership, The Hoyas Turn to Veteran Brianna Jones

When Brianna Jones and Cassandra Gordon begin talking about their futures, Jones falls naturally into her role as captain.  “Say it with confidence. ‘I’m gonna be great,’” Jones said to... Read more

In the District

Laugh Your Head Off at Timothy Johnson’s Fables of Decapitation

Just one stroke of Timothy Johnson’s paintbrush bites like the blade of a guillotine, leaving his subjects headless and bleeding off of the canvas. The local artist’s latest exhibit, Fables... Read more

In the District

D.C. Fashion Week is Cloaked in Stories and Topped Off with a Glitter Crown

When it comes to fashion, it’s hard to think of D.C. as anything more than a sea of suits. However, during the last week of September, politicians and primadonnas run... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Weekly List: A Love Letter to The Hoya

The history between the Voice and The Hoya is contentious to say the least. In 1969, a group of Hoya editors staged a coup because the newspaper refused to cover... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Trailer Takes: Birds of Prey, Dark Waters, and Uncut Gems

Birds of Prey: Sarema: I’m going to be honest, after seeing Suicide Squad (2016) being trashed at the box office I never actually ended up seeing it. So I’m... Read more


Critical Voices: NINE, blink-182

Fart jokes have long been a part of blink-182’s persona, a juvenile yet iconic mechanism for assuring that even when they convey heartfelt emotion, the band can’t quite take themselves... Read more