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The Weekly List: A Love Letter to The Hoya

October 15, 2019

Illustration by Jacob Bilich

The history between the Voice and The Hoya is contentious to say the least. In 1969, a group of Hoya editors staged a coup because the newspaper refused to cover the anti-Vietnam War movement and other off-campus issues. The love child of this revolt was The Georgetown Voice. Much like Britain and the United States, the publications are allies, similarly intentioned and hard working students occupying adjacent offices, but there is an underlying tension, with one paper laying claim to tradition and the other holding fast to the rebellious spirit that brought it into being. But the nice thing about The Hoya taking itself so seriously is that it means their Chair of the Board of Directors can often be spotted walking to the office in a suit. While the Voice prides itself on bright, show-stopping cover pages, nothing quite catches my eye like this handsome Hoya staffer in a jacket and tie. This week, both news outlets will be scouring the campus for the latest inside scoop, but I can tell you that I already have it: It’s that cute Hoya guy’s birthday on Tuesday. So, this is my love letter to him.

1. “Headlines” by John Fogerty 

John Fogerty’s gravelly voice growl-screaming, “Headlines!” over a catchy classic rock riff perfectly captures the tone of this strictly journalistic pursuit. It exudes a contagious energy that defines the excitement of university publications in their best moments. 

2. “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles

The folksy melody and lulling acoustics of this song sharply contrast against the vibrancy of “Headlines.” Without strictly using the words “love at first sight,” The Beatles sing about the moment when you see someone for the first time and immediately fall for them.

3. “Stop the World I Wanna Get Off With You” by Arctic Monkeys

Georgetown is a hectic place, and when you’re running a news outlet it’s even crazier. The bassline coupled with the whining guitar on this track is enough to seduce anyone into taking a break and living a little. Admittedly, “Eyes the color of / Water left in mud” is not the most creative of all Arctic Monkeys’ lyrics, but it’s hard not to be a sucker for the brown eyes of The Hoya’s Chair of the B.O.D. 

4. “When I’m With You” by Best Coast

This lazy sunny day track is the perfect follow up song, describing the fleeting feeling of relaxation provided by a break from the world. It’s a runaway-from-everything type of love song about taking it easy. 

5. “Walk Across the Water” by The Black Keys

“Walk Across the Water” holds onto the beachy feeling of “When I’m With You,” but it adds a magnetic edge with dizzying rock instrumentals. It’s less ephemeral than the previous track, itching at something deeper with lyrics like “Your sugar coated love has got a hold on me / You know you do it to me every time.”

6. “Writer in the Dark” by Lorde

As recommended by another Voice staffer, it would be folly not to include Lorde’s ballad in a playlist for a writer and editor from a writer and editor. Although it adds a gloomy twist to this collection, “Writer in the Dark” is intense and beautiful with piano verses and violin notes that will pull at any listener’s heart strings. The only relevant lyric here is “Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark” at a Chimes party in freshman year because now she’s writing about it in a Voice article. 

7. “Love song” by Lana Del Rey

Now that we’ve transitioned to the sentimental part of the playlist, it’s finally time to introduce a Lana song. There’s truly nothing Lana could sing that would not sound classic and timeless, especially something so simply named “Love song.” The soft melody drips with emotion, sweetly delivering the line, “Oh, be my once in a lifetime.” 

8. “Summer at 7” by Russ

Russ’ rough vocals paired with the undeniably emo unplugged guitar sound create the feeling of a sunset in a song. “I’ve been waiting on you since before I met you,” he sings in a hazy track about finding true comfort in another person. 

9. “Lovebug” by Jonas Brothers

Coming to you from Disney Channel love gurus Jonas Brothers, the lyrics in “Lovebug” might be generic but the song adds exactly the right zest to this list. It’s fun, like love should be, and the guitar solo should only be listened to at full volume with sufficient space for head banging. 

10. “p.s.” by gnash

As suggested by the title, this song is a P.S. note. It begins with a long pause followed by the faintest keyboard melody. Gnash, almost speaking rather than singing, in an almost poem rather than song, finishes off this playlist with the sweet nothings of love: “I’ve got seeds ‘cause if we reap what we sow / I planted you a garden where your flowers can grow.” And he fades out with a hypnotic, lovesick hum like the exhausted sound of student journalist finishing an article. 

Brynn Furey
Brynn is a Contributing Editor for the Voice. She's a huge proponent of pop punk, capybaras, and world peace.

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